Object Collisions?

Anyone else running into issues where their tank hits an invisible object in the ground or rolls over an object the the model is invisibly larger?

I dont know how to explain it but my tank almost flipped sideways on a sausage curb at 10:00-10:30 and was boucing around. What is this? Also occurs on a smaller scale at 1:00, 3:20, 5:20, 6:30, etc


Don’t worry, this game has always had poor physics when it comes to tanks, and I doubt they would change that, because new physics= new, more powerful servers and all the netcode, looking at these servers at this point, which are a lot, they are a long way from at least meeting the minimum that is in the game at the moment.

Interesting, so this is new to me so far atleast since the update.

https://youtu.be/5JRygHBW99I?si=s6acHDfSrWhjehjA, See what physics was supposed to look like in the past and what it is like today

ya im more concerned about my tank randomly flipping up 45 degrees for no reason, makes it hard to aim.

i did check your replay and i don’t see anything strange between 10m-10m30! what are you talking about!

i assume that you are the t0nka in the game, with a char-25 tank

I am… wait so as I pulled up on the road at the end before shooting the panther, you didnt see my tank hopping around?

No it still exist in planes as well.

OK so this is wierd. I watched the replay via the link I uploaded and you cant see the issue and the game looks normal.

When I run the replay from my replays, you can see exactly what happens which is what I experienced in the game. take a look at this pic of my tank from the local replay at 10:20 WTF

Below is a picture from the same time from the link I sent.

Can someone explain why the server replay doesnt see this but I do and screws my game?

In the server replay i can see you climb the ramp, the tank do have a 40º inclination, but that is due to the ramp, center of mass and suspension, nothing weird in that.

from your pictures, if both at exact same time, then it is the client side that had some issue… maybe some delay/lag of the ramp climb and the game engine trying to catch up, showing the inclination on the wrong spot? anyway, it is strange…

Go to the Gaijin.net // Issues and report the issue there, point to the server replay and if you have it, upload your local replay
also upload both pictures, as they will show the exact moment and at least prove that you are not dreaming if they can’t reproduce the issue.

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and good game play, by the way, flank and ambush by the book, well done

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