Object 906 vs Char 25t BR makes no sense

Why is the Object 906 7.7 in arcade where char 25t is 8.0?

The char 25t is far worse and gets a higher BR because its french? Right…


They’re the same BR in RB, which is equally as stupid.

The Char needs to go down, it is not on par with 8.0, or 8.3 vehicles.

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Most tier 5 and 6 french tanks are overtiered.
Edit: tier 4, 5 and 6


I got down tier in 50 games in a row with the char25t. The devs don’t give a damn, they don’t know how to play their own game, they have to rely on the minority of players who play char25t. (char25t was very good in 7.7)