Object 906 bias

Well… I decided to grind it just to see how ridiculously OP and under BR’d it is.

Here is my fully stock match results:

Not sure how bragging about a full downtier makes your post serious, ngl


7.7 gets down tiered all the time, another reason this tank should not be 7.7 on top of everything else

Nvm I thought they moved it back to 8.0

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They did but only for RB, still 8.0 is too low

Is 14 kills good in arcade? At first I thought it was RB and was like holy cow, I’m very impressed then I saw the arcade tag.

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It’s very rare, I almost never see someone doing more than 11-12 kills other than myself. But you see around 8+ kills when you/others get a very good game.

Edit: It’s rare unless you’re clubbing new players in low tier. Then that’s easy on some meta vehicles


Oh okay

Light tanks is harder to do well in arcade though, you delete the stealth part and then combine the no armor then it spells disaster, in rb you can at least use it as a rat, one good flank you can delete many enemies due to 4 seconds reload + aphe post-pen reliability.

Oh okay

Yes bro, I’m pretty sure you can do it if you wanted to, maybe run two games or three in arcade, you gonna have 15 kills in both games bro.

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Problem in arcade is, that is allready unbalanced on tanks with fast fire rate and aphe shells.
And also , there are players focusing only on arcade and they do really well in there even in tanks what are carbage. And players who are damn good in realistic but sucks on arcade completely. Just because those aids what you get in arcade. Nevertheless, nice amount of kills, but hate to say it, I think it’s more from player than tank in this case.

Oh, it’s AB, it just destroys the argument of “bias”, just search for enemies looking at the mini-map, they always appear in there.

But if it was in RB, I would say you got a very good match in a very good vehicle,

In certain way Object 906 is just a 2S25 Sprut but in lower BR, works just as same, fast mobility both forwards and backwards, quick loading but vulnerable for 12,7mm shells.

Woah, object 906 in AB is OP???

It has a stabilizer and a good gun, every other downside is compensated for by… Yknow… AB.

That’s not how it works. Part of the reason I do so well in it is because it has a low visibility stat and is easier to be stealthy with it, YES in arcade.

Not for arcade, because the spruts have high visibility and are easily spotted in a flank and in peaks, even though they have similar characteristics in mobility and gun handling, in practise the 906 is far stronger for its BR

It is severely underBR’d, and light tanks get punished in arcade more, so you’re not making much sense.

Compare the Object 906 at 7.7 and the Char-25t at 8.0 and you can see that the Object 906 is handheld for being soviet. The char-25t should be 7.7 and the obj 906 8.3 or 8.7

So it’s just because you’re in AB.

Have you noticed that this is an arcade section?