Object 775 and commander fire control

I’ve just recently gotten and played the 775 and it’s alright for what it is but I found out that the ATGM can be guided by the retractable commander sight but can’t be fired by it.

I figured it was some type of bug but I wasn’t sure whether the ATGM could be fired and guided by the commander sight or couldn’t be fired or guided since it doesn’t make sense that it can’t be fired but can be guided, especially since the commander controls the gun and uses the periscope.

I made a report about it but left no sources either way in and naturally the mods asked for sources so I decided to go through some books to see what I could find, specifically these two books:

  • М .В. Павлов, И. В. Павлов. Отечественные бронированные машины 1945-1965
  • Карпенко А.В. Ракетные танки

I didn’t find any information about the retractable periscope either being able to fire or guide the ATGM so I don’t believe I can provide a source either way in a report and I come to ask what the community thinks about it.