Object 299

If we go by this way there’s a chance by this begin added,

Isn’t public information or isn’t accessible for non Russian or Chinese speaking people, which, in these two language you find more information,

But as mentioned by @乌拉尔 the chassis and few modules are begin used in the Armata’s projects, few in T-14 (MBT) and most in T-15 (H-IFV) It’s a somewhat controversial subject, but I believe we can reach a consensus through this information. I support the vehicle in the game as a means of balancing the Top Tier, which is currently dominated by Sweden and Germany. The era of Russian Bias is gone with the addition of spall liners and incredibly powerful vehicles like the Strv 122B+.

Obviously, the justification for adding the 299 just because I say that Sweden and Germany dominate the top tier is not fair or correct at all; it lacks a strong argument.

Returning to the vehicle itself, I believe it can indeed be added, considering that the chassis was not completely discarded but certainly modified to meet the needs for the development of the Armata’s project. The cannon exists and is most likely a functional weapon, and the cannon’s feeding system has been used in other projects that have a complete vehicle, such as the 195. (Certainly not the same)

What strengthens the idea and the certainty that there are more chances of it being added and it’s more justifiable is that all the components of the vehicle exist. Unlike the Emil project and the Coelian, which do not have a full-scale vehicle. The Emil doesn’t have a turret, only the chassis, and the Coelian is a full-scale mockup.

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Soviet / Russian tank that isn’t 2 tonnes? Impossible!

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