Object 292

Buff the Object 292 please and higher BR 11.0 maybe
[Event] Call of the Dragon: Earn the Object 292! - News - War Thunder

Buff it how? What parts? Why? It’s a lolpen meme machine with a 10 seconds reload. What more can even be changed with it?

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Aside from whether or not it should be buffed, I believe there’s some conflicting information on which engine it historically had, or has right now.

It could possibly use the GTD-1250.

If you’re having issues playing the tank then its just a you problem. It pretty much has the best gun in the game with decent armor and speed. It is amazing where it is at the moment. Just don’t bumb rush it into battles and you’re fine.

Im jokeing bro its actually too op

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Ah ok. It seemed like you were just another low level going from 2.0 to 10.3 in this tank with the event and complaining about it being bad. There’s already a few threads that people are serious about it being bad.

A thread already exists.

Ikr its funny

I like ur problem icon mate

Reinforcement is fine, but higher weights will affect the price of the exchange, unless it is strengthened to the level of 11.0, which has fallen by $15 this time

give it machine gun, tvd and its game

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I’ve seen plenty of players here who played since 2014 or having 30,000-50,000 matches but still remains mediocre players with barely above 1 KDR on all the vehicles they played, Abrams 1.1, Leopard 2 1.2 etc, but some with barely 5000 matches already has 2.0 KDR on most of the things they played, so level and time played barely mean anything at least for this game.

I wouldn’t go that far.
10s reload does put it substantially behind the 120mm found on Abrams’, the Type 10’s, Leclerc’s, Leopard 2A6’s, etc. They all have substantially better firepower thanks to their reload rate advantages.

That would describe the average M1A1 Click-Bait / M1A1 AIM user.