Object 292 engine

isn’t object 292 supposed to have the T80Us 1250hp engine and not the T80Bs 1100hp engine?

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Yes, the Object 292 IRL is equipped with the same GTD-1250 engine as T-80U.

The diagram for the 292 directly states this.

Furthermore, the museum which has the actual 292 also states this.

Gaijin has acknowledged this, but for some reason has either opted to change it after release or just not to touch it at all: Gaijin.net // Issues


yeah it is unplayable because of this. it is so bad.

You know guys that report take time to action, some even years?

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I reckon they’ll give it the 1250 engine when it inevitably gets uptierd to 10.3/7

292 missing side screen armor

This screen is slightly different compared to 292 should have, but idea is same