Object 292 apfsds spall

Is it just me, or does the apfsds on the object 292 spall like any other russian 125mm? I cant really feel a difference in spall between the 125mm and 152mm

Based on my experience there is a noticeable difference in terms of OHKO power when shot in the turret cheek of the enemy tank, the probability of one-shot is higher than the 125mm, compared to T-64B/T72AV’s top ammunition 3BM42 because I have them in the line up.

Own personal feeling are, that it doesnt spall so much as bm42 or bm60.
I’m starting to believe it has something to do with near 700mm of penetration, velocity near 2000m/s and weight of 7kg. It just lol pens most part of armor so it doesnt create spallings like shell what has less pen and velocity. It just goes trough , like BM42 from bradley etc light tank.

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