Object 268 lower side armor

The Object 268 is a SPG based on the T-10 chassis.

Virtually all Soviet tanks have this weak lower side armor that is 20-30mm depending on the vehicle.
However on the Object 268 the entire lower side, including the angled part conecting to the hull floor is 80mm.
This makes this area even more armored than the upper part of the chassis, which seems weird.

Seems like an oversight to me. Or is it?


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Is it possible that it was uparmoured? I find remarkably little looking online.

If it’s a genuine error it’s certainly grounds for a bug report, though I don’t think saying it’s based on the T-10 is enough…

@FlipAllTheTables this sounds like a thread for you.

I’d imagine it’s wrong since the Object 268 is supposed to be on the same hull as the T-10M, but I don’t do much research on Russian vehicles.