Object 248 and T44 in 6.7?

What happened to these 2 tanks? I have wait Object 248 for 5 years, but Gaijin just destroyed it by increasing its BR to 6.7, I really don’t understand how could object 248 have the same BR as T34 or Tiger2. whatever firepower or armor is worse than Tiger 2. The other one is T44, which only has 85mm gun in BR6.7. what a joke, is there anyone remember that Panther 2 is still in 6.7


I did this suggestion in 2015

And I had him for like 20 days.
And really 6.7 for OBJ 248 is too high.
If it was the IS-100m, yes it would be just a 6.7 or even a 7.0

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To be honest I even believe IS100m is worse than tiger2(H), whether the reload time or the armor is worse. however, gaijin just think a few players with a good record made object 248 to 6.7…

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The Object 248 is just a better IS-2.
And the T-44 is just a beast, if you know how to use it. I just love to dunk on Tiger 2s and Leopards with it.
Try to use it as a weird heavy/medium/light, whatever the situation needs.

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A better is2, but 1943 model
The T44’s condition u can be put on any medium tank, I can use Panther A or M26 to do the same way, whatever the situation needs.

No, you absolutely can’t put a Panther, nor the M26 to the same category as a T-44.
They have way less armor, mobility, and they get 1shotted very often.

The T-44 can easily tank shots from 122mm, long 88mm, the british 83mm (even with APDS), or a Jagdtiger. None of the others can do that.

If you think about it in a T44 vs. Panther fight, it would be an even fight, even with a slight advantage for the Panther, since to penetrate frontally they would have to shoot at the front of the turret, and the T44 turret is easier to pierce, and apart from that, it detonates the ammunition from the rear of the turret to the T44.

Hvae you ever played with those tanks? Because from what you say, it is evident, that you have played with neither.

1, the Panther’s turret is much easier to penetrate, the weak spot is both bigger, and the armor is less, than on the T-44’s weak spot.
Another thing, is that the T-44’s turret weak spot is really random, even, if you pen it, it can just have almost 0 spalling, even with APHE.
Panthers have also a larger, and weaker cupola.

Now the most telling part of you not playing these tanks, is the “it detonates the ammunition from the rear of the turret to the T44.” part.

You know what will detonate the ammo on the turret’s back from the front?
1, APHE with enough explosive filler to kill all the crew.

Now the Panther has neither.
Of course it has no dart, and it’s APHE does very little damage.



Dude, according to your record, u don’t even play M26, T44, or Panther in RB, what I said is RB, not AB, which is totally different.

Ahm, so APHE in RB does more damage, the Panther has 10x more pen, the T-44 has 10x less armor, and so on.

Yeah, that makes sense!

T-44 has more armor than Panther, is faster & smaller than Panther, and its gun while not penning 180? Still pens 150.
T-44 was made 6.7 cause it’s essentially a fast heavy tank.

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Not just that, but also can go reverse, and has an actual turret rotation mechanism.
Also, who cares about the pen? The Panther has a slight advatage in flat pen, but if the plate is angled, the T-44 wins again.
And not even talking abou the “damage” that the Panther does, that APHE is basically a solidshot due to the very small explosive filler.

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Don’t you know a panther is Panther II? That was the same in 6.7, however some forgot that

For some reason, yes, especially for those who have not been exposed to the 6.7 RB. What a new world for them.

Yes, I do know of Panther 2. As fast with a better gun, but larger and slightly less armor.

For T44’s 85mm gun, Panther II’s armor is enough, and it has better reversing speed. That was not a trade-off, it just because has good data and was balanced by gaijin like T25 or Jumbo (76)

And the T-44 still has better armor (both front and turret), has better turret traverse, a bigger slapping gun, smaller target, bigger ready rack, better ammo rack placement, can react to threats faster.

On the other hand the Panther 2 has better reverse, and a higher penning round. They are around the same overall, but with different playstyles.

Get over with it finally.

What does that even mean?

This is only good for AB maybe, T44 can’t do anything when suffering Panther II in 500m, better armor but the turret is similar. and because of the smaller size, heat or APDS could kill T44 with 1 shot in front, which is not around the same.

Talking with someone haven’t played RB in 6.7 is useless, totally different environment and style make this discussion meaningless. It should be over.

6.7 seems good for these tanks, I’m honestly surprised the Obj 248 isn’t higher by now considering it’s an event vehicle and those usually only go up after their release and wind up very overtiered.

6.7 is just a bad BR bracket in general with a ton of compression since it’s where the high end of wartime doctrine vehicles all sit alongside some of the weaker cold war era stuff, any lower and they’d be borderline broken, any higher and near unusable.

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