Object 195 / T-95 - The Armata's Big Predecessor

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Hi guys. :)

Today i want to sugguest a massive tank that started development at the end of the Soviet Period and into the early 21st century… The Object 195. Also known as the T-95.

History / Development

At the end of the Soviet period. The USSR was getting concerned about the rapidly improving tank designs NATO powers was putting into service such as the M1 Abrams, Challenger 1 and Leopard 2.
In 1988 the Soviet Union started the program “Improving-88” where design bureaus were given the task of developing a series of tank prototypes that would be able to bring the latest and the best technologies of tank development into one full package which could both outpreform NATO tanks of it’s time and potential new NATO designs if the Cold War somehow went on.

The Object 195 brought radical new features to the table which was not used in Soviet Tank Doctrine. A fully digital unmanned turret using a massive 152mm anti tank gun and a coaxial 30mm cannon.
The 152mm cannon is the 2A83 smoothbore anti tank gun which used both an APFSDS with 1024mm of penetration at 2000m and a HEAT shell with could punch through 1500mm of Rha Armor. The Gun is also capable of using different types of HE shells. The 2A83 cannon is also rumored to be able to use a special variant of the 3BV3 Tactical Nuclear Shell with 1 Kiloton of TNT equivalent. Which a 152mm version of The Armata platform has also been considered for. The secondary gun is a 30mm 2A42 able to use the same type of ammunition as the BMP-2M currently ingame such as APFSDS, APDS, HE etc.

Another unique feature was the installation of new electro obtical sight, a ground radar and next generation thermals. Giving it the abillity to and detect movement of potential enemy combatants both in day and night time. Another big feature was the armored capsule giving the crew the max potential protection in case of a catastrophic explosion of the ammo rack.
The tank also features the Shtandart APS ( Active Protection System ) which is able to intercept various type of anti tank shells.
The Composite Armor of the Object 195 / T-95 is believed to be less strong compared to the Object 148 / T-14. Another difference is that the Object 195 uses Kontakt-5 ERA block identical to what the T-80U uses. While the Armata platform uses a completly diffirent type of ERA and side protection.

However when the USSR collapsed. The state funds of the program was relocated to the newly formed Russian Federation which suffured from a massive debt crisis it inherited from the former Soviet Empire. And with budgets being cut basically everywhere. The Object 195 was basically put on “Life Support” only giving enough funds to keep the program alive, but not enough to make a serious replacement effort of the aging T-72, T-80 series of tanks which were beginning themselves to show their faultlines and issues with the warfare used at the turn of the millenium.
However in the early 2000’s with new financial reforms and high oil prices. Russia was able to take a new better look at the the Object 195 program. The design was considered to still be highly promising but with new technologies being brought to life in form of better computers, better designs in armor and other technologies. In 2010 the Object 195 was replaced with Object 148 which would end up becoming the famous T-14 Armata.



3rd party information and details
3D Render, Credit Alexander Yartsev ArtStation - T-95 next gen. tank (Prototype)




Location of Object 195 Shell ejector


Other relevant information, Credit BTVT «Объект 195» (Т-95) (btvt.info)





30mm 2A42 APFSDS shell ingame which can be used for the Object 195


Object 148 / T-14 Armata shell ejection for comparison
T-80BVM on Twitter: “Video from Rosoboronexport showing Armata tank firing, with the spent stub casing ejecting to the side https://t.co/VnjKGmjmZv” / Twitter

In War Thunder

In War Thunder. I believe this would be the perfect end of the line machine for the Soviet Heavy / T-80 line of tanks. However i also believe this machine should only be added once other necesary vehicles are added to the Tree like the T-80UM1 to fill the necesary gabs and other main nations like the US and the German Trees have their own tech tree counterparts to create the necesary balance to Top Tier.


Anyways hope you like the suggestion. I intend to update the OP as time goes on and be able to bring in more information about the vehicle once i got the time. And if missed anything or you think i made some errors. feel free to responds.

In any case. See you on the Battlefield!


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ArtStation - T-95 next gen. tank (Prototype)

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“Old Suggestion”
Object 195 / T-95 - The Armata’s Big Predecessor - USSR - War Thunder - Official Forum


+1, absolutely. This has got to be the perfect MBT.


I want this in the game for sure! +1

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Someone should create a suggestion for the Object 477 and Object 292.


I’m not doing it this time 477 is a confusing story so good luck to whoever does it this time

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Yes, please, after all, this is one of the few original vehicles that can be added that is not another T-80 or T-72 variant.

+1, could be after BVM


I think as Rank 8 ground comes too the game, such vehicles like this and the Armata are inevitable, but should come only when gajjin is also willing to add equivalents from other nations, with America being the biggest counter.


Only with addition of tier 8, EMBT, AbramsX, KF51, Challenger 3 etc. At the bare minimum the CATTB, Leclerc 140mm, Strv2000/T140, Pz87-140


Yes, but I concern that other counties don’t have such powerful tanks, like Italy,so gaijin won’t readily put object 195 into the game


You’ll have to wait a while, because the Abrams 1a3, which is a new tank for the USA, but was called the Abrams 1a3, because the US Congress did not want to allocate development funds for a new tank, so the military said it was a modernization, even though it’s a new tank, it’s a bit similar it is for the T62 which in the USSR was called a tank destroyer because politicians did not agree to a new tank, and the Abrams 1A3 is expected to enter service in 2040, or at least not earlier

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Maybe i am wrong by Strv2000 was only wooden model, so it wasn’t even prototype unlike rest of vehicles.

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US has the CATTB.

So it shouldn’t be even consider as new vehicle to game xd

I think we will reach a point where some nations just get left behind. Otherwise with that logic Japan would hold back the entire game…


Extremely cool tank, it looks menacing. With rank 8 now confirmed, this tank could in time become a reality in WT. I really hope so, of course along with 140mm options for Western contemporaries.

Is anything known about reload time and reverse speed?


Reload time is unknown but if engine same as on T-14 its pretty much safe to assume it has same transmission as well which is said to have same reverse as forward.

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.