Object 184 (early) (colloquially known as "Improved T-72A", semi-incorrectly known as "T-72B mod. 1984")

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Object 184 (early) aka “Improved T-72A”

The evolution of the T-72A (Object 176) into the T-72B (Object 184) was a gradual and incremental process rather than a clean jump. While the latter officially entered service in 1985, its constituent upgrades were trickled into the T-72A’s production lines one by one in the period spanning 1982 and 1984.

The 172.10.077SB “Super Dolly Parton” turret with NERA arrays, for example, entered limited production in 1982, mass production in 1983 and in 1984 had fully displaced the T-72A’s original turret on the production line altogether. The 2E42 stabilizer and V-84 840hp engine entered production in 1984.

As a result, there exist a small number of “transitional model” T-72s which carry the code Object 184, and are functionally similar if not identical to proper T-72Bs (save for the absence of ERA) but are legally not T-72Bs. The current consensus in tank spotter circles is to refer to such tanks produced between 1983 and 1984 using the informal designation “T-72A mod. 1983/1984” or simply the umbrella term “Improved T-72A”. Some of these T-72s were later retroactively upgraded to T-72B standards, and a small number can be found in their factory configuration in Belarus today.

There exist a few notable functional differences between an “Improved T-72A” and War Thunder’s T-72B mod. 1987. Namely, the former:

  • Lacks ERA
  • Has a multilayered spaced armor array for the hull consisting of 3 15mm steel plates evenly spaced between a 60mm front place and 50mm back plate
  • Has a weaker V-46 engine instead of the V-84 (except for specimens delivered at the very end of the transition period)
  • Has the 902A smoke grenade launcher system in place of the 902B in some cases

Place in game:
A slightly lighter T-72B, for those for appreciate the aesthetic of the pre-Kontakt cast turret T-64-oids.


  • Crew: 3
  • Weight: 43t (No ERA)
  • Armor: NERA on turret, multilayered space armor on hull, frontally immune to APFSDS up to DM23
  • Main weapon: 2A46M1 w/ up to 45 rounds 125mm APFSDS, HEAT-FS, HEF-FS, GLATGM
  • Secondary weapons: PKT coaxial MG, NVST HMG
  • FCS: 1A40 (NVD, LRF)
  • Stabilizer: 2E42-2
  • Engine: V-46 (V-84 in rare cases)
  • Transmission: Planetary, 7F/1R
  • Max speed: +60/-4kph



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Yes, i also agree that it looks much cooler without ERA. If given 3bm42, could keep company to T-64B at 9.7. +1 from me

Personally I would want to see this, but under the name T-72A (1984) or something like that. Especially since the current 72A has a (1983) mod, where it gets the addon glacis plate but not the cheek armor.