Object 120 unplayable in 8.0


The lords of gaigin should abandon the illusory fantasy that a cannon with wheels (object120) and no other absolute function, deserves to be in a higher BR than the Conqueror or the Conway, which have an even SUPERIOR penetration than the object120! besides that they have all the most common functionalities of a common tank, that the object DOES NOT HAVE! and the latter is PREMIUM! This is a scandalous mistake on the part of the Gaigin lords since they believed that it would be fair to upload the object only because it has an APDS-FS that is not the most powerful and it is not perfect either. As if there were no smaller tanks that have advanced ammunition, such as the German Jpz 4-5 (6.3) with HEAT brought from the COLD WAR to fight against WWII tanks. Simply ridiculous! and without judgment! and i would understand if the Jpz 4-5 were premium since this class of paid vehicles need to have some buyer appeal… but this one is not even premium. The reality is that the Object 120 is not a tank that you can use in a common way, this is simply a cannon that you have attached a pair of wheels to and have released on the battlefield. This Object… is not a Leopard 1, it’s basically a BT-5 moving with the agility of a demon through the battlefield equipped with APDS, HEAT, HESH, smoke grenades, artillery and rangefinder, that’s worth uploading two steps from direct BR up to 8.0! and not just a step up to 7.7. The one that only deserves to go up one BR step is the direct 120 item up to 7.7 just like most tanks. But the Gaigin lords don’t make their mods perfect on the first try, this time, mistakenly sending your object120 to fight tanks that can kill you only using their machine guns, and have stabilizer, Rangefinder, and some with thermal vision. An advanced tank is not just “enough penetration”, an advanced tank is a combination of attributes and add-ons such as machine guns, smoke assist in the form of curtains or grenades, forward and retreat speed to get out of sticky situations, armor, fire assist. built-in artillery, reload speed, turret turn rate. And in these terms, I can say without fear of being wrong that the Object 120 is not a complete tank, it is PREMIUM, and even so they have destroyed it at all, who would want to buy a tank that when receiving the first shot, throws its turret up crash into the ISS? Who would want to invest in an INCOMPLETE vehicle made for 7.7, but now brought up to 8.0? My family is big, I recommended War Thunder to all my brothers and now they play it. But now this kind of misjudgment by the company makes me wonder if we should continue to invest in premium tanks that the company will then destroy without using their judgment.

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what you cant fight king tiger anymore that have no buisnes fighting that. also isnt this the spanish part of the forums?

While this is hilariously worded, you are not entirely wrong. The round on the Obj.120 is very powerful, but the rest of the tanks attributes are not as good as most other tanks of the br. While you probably can get some kills in this vehicle at 8.0, the fact that most aircraft cannons and heavy machine guns can kill you generally mean that you will not live past the 5 minute mark in a game. Also the comparisons to the conq and conway are not really valid, the 120mm apds is much worse than 152mm apds-fs, and the reload is much worse on the british vehicles.

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Moving from BR to premiun tanks is tricky, I bought it under certain conditions and now they are not given. It’s a bit of a scam