Objeckt 279

please the tank unusable all enemy oneshot down 8.7 the 9.0 no good all battle up 10.0 and 9.7 and the objeck best free kill. Why up the 9.0 ? the all 8.7 kill the object watch the leopard and all heatfs and apds and apfsds and missile all 8.7 tank easy kill the object please down object 8.7

Cry. Noooo not my overpowered tank


oh you watch my stat ? my stat create on 8.7 dont 9.0 whatch the new 9.0 stat

9.0 is fine for this, no longer overpowered, let 8.7 and 7.7 have fun.
however, i think it should be 9.3>, 279 stay so long because gajjin lock at 666$ form people …

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hahahaha im buy the tank 600 EUR and gaijin nerf and up BR hahahaha the IS-7 why no up 9.0 ? and nerf armor why ?

Do you think you can torture other players just because you put more money into the game?

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the IS-7 stronger the object no strong and why 7.3 kill the IS-7 ?
the IS-7 and Object few



it’s just a matter of time, this imbalance can be simply understood as profit, at some time it will stand where it should.

An idea about people who bought a 2s38 that will probably have a br 11.0-3

if there are such people here. what kind of developers they can be…

Imagine complaining because your beloved point and click tank got moved up 0.3 br
and it can’t bully poor 7.7 tanks anymore

Must be hard if you suddenly can’t press W anymore because there a few counters on the other team . :)

Also what world do you live in to believe the is7 is stronger then the meme 279 ?
you really are delusional lmao