Nvlddmkm Freezes


I have been getting these short freezes regarding of the NVIDIA driver (nvlddmkm) for two years already, once the driver stops, the game becomes unplayable for some seconds and returns playable again after a short black screen. The textures of the game will then be set to Low ** and sometimes the texture of the tank becomes black. However, this issue doesn’t always happen in other games but it does constantly in War Thunder. I have updated my NVIDIA Drivers and have done many troubleshoot steps with NVIDIA, ASUS and Windows Support. After that the issue got weakend by a little bit on some other games but remains the same in this game. The GPU remains warm under 90 degrees celsius (it’s a laptop gpu ik) and VRAM remains under 4 GB. The stability of the GPU overall (clock) always remains stable under optimal modes offered by Armoury Crate.

PLEASE READ: I also have to add that my GPU is not suffering to artifact problems, therefore maybe lowering the chances of a possible issue with the VRAM?

Those are my pc specs:

Model: TUF FX706HC ASUS Gaming Laptop
OS: Windows 11
CPU: i5-11400H
iGPU: Intel UHD Graphics
dGPU: RTX 3050
RAM: 32 GB 3200MHz

War Thunder rarely properly crashes and only freezes with a short black screen.

I would be very thankful for any response and an explaination on what may be the issue behind this.


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