Number of missiles incorrect on Khrizantema-S

Since 2 or 3 week the Khrizantema-S dislay 13 misssiles in the auto loader you can shoot 14 and the normal max ammo is 16 I wonder if someone already made a request or how to report it to fix it

I believe it is 16 with the Two in the tubes up top.

it is indeed 16, it has 2 already loaded and the rest of the (14) missiles are stowed

Me and my friend always spawn with one tube empty, the right one. But you can shoot with it. There is a problem anyway with the ammo either its un correctly displayed or just bugged

Spawn with one of the barrel empty I tried the other missile its the same even if I lower the amount its always uncorrectly displayed.
if I spawn with only 1 load both barrel are empty (as seen on screenshot) but I can shoot both