NR30s have the lowest damage out of any 30mm in the game

NR30s have the lowest damage out of any 30mm in the game. it makes no sense that a 30mm point blank does nothing but get a “hit” on a tiny aircraft that, given it’s tiny nature, should make any bullet impact close enough to any critical component. NR30s don’t cause fuel explosions, NR30s can’t take pilots out and they mostly give critical hits that will put the enemy out of commission but will way too much get stolen by an ally. It’s not normal. It makes grinding russian rank 7 impossible.

NR30s are terrible. Their only good point is the ease of aim.

Bug report time

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bold of us to believe it works.

But complaining about it in the forum will?
When, or if something changes is entirely in the stars either way… :)

complaining on forums with good evidence will at least stop people from sayin “blud is capping just aim better l2p”

Hopefully Russia will be nerfed to the ground some day. It’s nice hearing it also has a few problems, even if far too little.

Regarding bug reports, you have to report in Russian.

russia is pure suffering between rank 5 and rank 6, then the undertiered funny stuff starts to happen. MiG21 SMT is two pylons away from being a 11.0. Now, it is a clear 10.7, with a future radar jammer, yet for some reason it stays at 10.3, clubbing the living hell of everything. MiG23M is sad, MiG23MLD and ML have the best MTI mode in the game with the third best radar missiles in hand. I’m pretty sure russian rank 7+ are not going to get nerfed, but something you forgot: russia 6.0-9.0 is completely insufferable. Off meta planes that are too bad to thrive despite having ok ish armament (while outclassed) or planes that are too good but really just niche or hard to use, for example mig19pt, it’s a brick compared to the mig19s. Su7 is a boat. NR30s need to punch harder. GSh23L does more damage per shell than anything else even more than 30mms’ with higher rate of fire and higher tnt load.

The gap between the SMT and the MiG23 make other nations borderline unplayable. MiG29 is doable, because it only has a bad doppler radar.