Now the vickers mk11 is in game, can we finally admit the vfm5 is horribly overtired?

The vfm5 has the same turret as the vickers mk11, firing the same rounds, they both have laser range finders, with equally worhless armour.

So, why exactly is the vfm5 at 9.3 and the vickers mk11 at 8.7 again?

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the vfm5 gets a higher penning round where as the Vickers mk.11 doesn’t

Unfortunately, the VFM5 :

  • Has better shells
  • A lot smaller profile
  • Better close in armament
  • Scouting drone
  • Better protection (at least when comparing the 2)

Though you also have to factor in Britain tax in there as well though

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remember VFM5 have same br with VRCC and type 16 few times ago, no thermal with DM33 at 9.3
just British tax

28.28 hp/t vs 17.5 hp/t

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2S25 is VFMs counterpart, not VRCC or Type 16.

which i always found rather dubious. How in the hell are the 2S25 & M so low BR?

compared to the VFM5:

  • same Hp/t ratio;
  • better mobility, forward same as reverse;
  • slightly worse Turret traverse;
  • less gun depression;
  • armor, it’s a light tank both have no armor to speak of;
  • Gun-stats:
    *same reload, unless VFM5 has an ACE crew;
    *Better HEAT 550 > 400mm;
    *Better APFSDS 457 > 408 mm;
    *700 mm ATGM

I think 2S25 is fine where it is. When compared to VFM5, it has a slightly better round but trades some of the gun handling, gun depression and survivability for it.

The VFM5 has no survivability whatsoever though.

It can stop some autocannon fire from the front, while 2S25 will get shredded by the same round.