Now that fox3 is about to be fully launched, let's talk about the issue of su39

In the game, Su39 can carry Kopyo-25 radar pod. In reality, the Indian Air Force’s Mig 21-93 has been modified to carry the Kopyo-25 radar pod and has the ability to launch the R77 missile. Therefore, I wonder if Su39 can also obtain the R77 missile together in this or the next update? Also, I am curious if the Kopyo-25 radar pod has the ability to guide the R27er missile? If there is any relevant information, please let me know. Thank you very much.

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The Su39 can carry R77s and R27s. Although this would move up the BR of the Su39 drastically. Since R77 will be released next patch we will have to see if gaijin has plans to update the weaponry of this plane.


thanks a lot .I even saw the kh58e and kh31p in this picture. It seems that gaijin’s decision to add this aircraft to the game so early was a foolish decision. They neither restored these mounting options nor fully implemented the functions of the Kopyo-25 radar pod. And they often tend to lose enthusiasm for new vehicles after a few versions are released, ignoring the relevant issues raised by players