Notification Button (in hangar) Won't Turn Off

This started today, either during Twitch Thunder Cup 2024 viewing or soon thereafter. The notification button, which looks like an email envelope, at the bottom right of the hangar view, has remained “on” or “you have mail” and it won’t turn off. This is a very minor thing but if this dashboard light remains on then someone needs to check the engine since I’m not a Gaijin mechanic. Thanks in advance.

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Click on it, then go to the all section, then off it again, and it’ll remove the highlight.

You’ve obviously got a tab in that notification section that you’re not bringing up.

Actually the obvious has already been addressed and found wanting. There are no un-clicked tabs. The button won’t turn off. Thanks.

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Oh well, I cleared mine… Clicked all, then clicked another tab, all cleared.

Cease fire. After playing an hour or two earlier today, the button turned off on its own. Maybe the light burned itself out behind the dashboard. Maybe a gremlin put a piece of black electrical tape atop it. End of message.

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