Not taking keyboard language into account

I’m a laptop gamer. Until a few days ago, the game ran correctly in azerty when I chose the French language. The problem that has arisen recently is that when I launch the game, it switches to qwerty mode even though the game language chosen is French. What’s more, the PC’s built-in keyboard is normally azerty. I’ve tried several solutions to solve the problem, but nothing works. If you have any ideas about the cause of the problem, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks

Same issue here, my keyboard is set to french in windows (i do have usa keyboard pack installed to switch to it if necessary) but my war thunder game inputs are using a usa keyboard layout… Simply put, when I set a keybind in the game, it reads my input as coming from a usa keyboard layout instead of the french one I use.

All of this seems to have started recently, within the last 3 patches I would recon.