Not seeing ground targets while in plane in ground arcade

I can no longer see the red letters on ground targets while playing ground arcade while flying planes. Not sure what happened but I used to be able to see the red letters when flying planes. Now I cannot even see anything on the ground. Is there a toggle or something?

Read the updates! :)

Fighters no longer get the target indicators - attackers and bombers still do.

Fighters’ job is to escort or intercept, so this is to encourage that rather than searching for open topped ground vehicles.

It sucks.
I dont want to have RB Settings while playing AB. Whats next ? Nomore AB & RB and SB only?


Not the only smart thing they did in this update. It’s funny how bombers can still see targets but pilots on fighters can’t. Super historical. lol

Fighters needed the least success points to start,
I used Fighters to do “aerial reconnaissance” and not just ground target engagement…
so as I am a bad player ( since 2016 ), ususally I dont get a strike fighter or bomber, just a fighter.

Even worse, air missions might be now cancled for fighters “due to missing enemies” :-(

I will check that for Navy battles, but there the use of raw fighters without bombs ( so without option at least to have bombs after upgrading ) is rare… due to “bring your own device” ( = you can put your own airplanes in the preset ) if you have enough crew slots.

I noted it too, and I think it is a good change. You can still engage ground units as a fighter, but you have to find them first. Hint: follow the tracer.

Also good: Your fighter air point is no longer wasted if no one intercepts. You just don’t spawn.

Both are great improvements.

Indeed it is. Most bombers have a window in the bottom and an extra guy with some lens optic to look down. Fighters had neither.

And if you want it extra historical: Never leave your tank to fly a plane. That never happened.

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Give strike aircraft better radar to identify friendlies close to enemies

As stated, this is part of a normal update. I, for one, applaud this move as it means my open top SPG tends to last longer. (Rather than being strafed 2-4 times per game.)

Only problem I’ve run into is that sometimes the “no enemy targets on the map” also magically applies to bombers. THAT’S pretty annoying.