Not receiving any emails

This has been an issue for a long while now, but i receive 0 emails regarding anything on the forum. This became clear when i attempted to submit a vehicle suggestion.

My post was rejected, however i received no notification of this neither through email nor on the site itself, and i only found out after messaging a suggestion moderator a few weeks after. It was rejected for missing a negative option, fair enough. I resubmit and the same thing has happened now, im completely left in the dark and have no idea what’s happened to my post. I don’t wish to pester the moderators, so i felt it was better to make a post regarding the core probleml.

Anyone know what’s going on?

rejected suggestion give zero notification that they were rejected pretty sure its a bug as if something is accepted it does notify you

i was told by the suggestion moderator i should receive notifications when posts are accepted or rejected, so im not sure

yea it notifies you if its accepted but if it rejected it doesn’t, pretty sure that’s just caused by a bug as it still shows a indication of a notification but when you try to look at it it shows nothing

yeah, i’ll talk to the suggestion mods again regarding it then