(Not only) Surviving Top-Tier Jets

Hello fellow pilots,

I have fought, died and screamed my way to top tier. For the US, that is the F-16 and F-14a, for the Germans it’s the Mig-23MLD.
I’m doing okay(ish) with 10.3/10.7 Jets, but totally lose any chance of doing anything (besides dying) at 11.0+.
I try to notch, flare, but seem unable to evade 90% of incoming missiles, while mine never seem to hit/track.
Keeping a radar lock seems to be impossible in each of those Jets I have at my disposal.
I have unlocked the German Mig-29, but haven’t bought it, as my skill is more or less a guarantee to supply enemy players with free kills.

I have watch lots of YT videos, but I learned nothing from them, or at least it doesn’t work for me.
I have no clue if I better leave Top Tier alone and stay at my 10.3-10.7 range, but I hit a point where I can’t get better by myself.

Any helpers?


i was about to post the same thing

Remember that dropping flares isn’t a free card to evade an IR missile. You also need to build an aspect and get off the burner if it’s something like an AIM-9L or Python 3. As for radar missiles, simply hugging the ground will be enough to evade them. Radar missiles don’t track well when targets are close to the ground. If you aren’t close to the ground, your next best option is to notch and chaff. I’m assuming you’re using the R-24R which is lacking in range compared to things like the R-27ER or AIM-7M/7F (7F and 7M are virtually the same currently).

If you have a clip or YouTube video of how you’re playing it would greatly help.

People often suggested me to stick low to ground. But sticking low to ground didnt work for me. On the other hand flying really high worked really well. I usually climb to 8k meter then I use my radar missiles to deal with enemies.(Depends on the type of map)

I will try to provide a clip as soon as possible. Most likely tomorrow.

How close to the ground do I need to be? 120 meters aren’t enough, it seems.

Generally you want to be right next to the ground, you need to be just off tree top level so enemies radar thinks the ground is a part of you.

Generaly speaking you can play against Radar Missiles in two way with the Mig-29. You can either fly low to the ground ( tree-level ) or fly high, but be careful to RWR and remember to notch as well. Generaly if you do notch, and fly defensively you can stay at altitude unless you meet something with a really good SAHR missile and a really good radar ( Yak-141, Mig29 ), I would suggest you stay at altitude during the first stage of the game, throw your SAHR missile then proceed to stay low and try to see for opportunities since your IR missile are lacking. The Mig29 radar and missile are okay, so you won’t have problems getting and keeping a lock unless someone is actively notching. So you can guarantee youself two kills if you play your cards right, after that try to stay low, and go for ir/gun kills.
Regarding dodging IR missile, if its from front, side aspect, just pay attention. if you get something a Magic 2 rear aspect from close range ( 1.5-7ish km’s ) there is not much you can do unless you can turn afterburner and let it cool the engine really quick, don’t care about magic after 2.3km’s especialy if you’re fast, they won’t catch you, so one pop of flares is enough . If you behind you something like an AIM9L or a Python 3, your best bet is to quickly drop the AB and engine power, let it cool the engine and evade the missile by popping flares then turning in the other direction of the missile so you can try to fool it. In any case, generaly speaking, try to play defensively and don’t allow anyone staying behind you. Even slightly turning can allow you to dodge IR missile way easier.
Your IR missiles are not that good but they can work on really short range, you also have HMD and that can help you with that. If you need other suggestions let me know.

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I have gone back to 10.3-10.7 to get better in my situational awareness.
Hitting enemies comes 2nd in that regard for now.

It will be a few days to get that done. Afterwards I’m going to record and (hopefully be able to) upload to my YT channel (which Is the only place I know I can easily store (bigger) videos).

Can you rate the radar of the 1st F-16. I’m loosing my lock pretty easy, but I’m not used to switch modes during an engagement, and I’m not fast enough to switch from ‘src pd’ to ‘src’, which should be harder to notch, correct.

I’m going back to 10.3-10.7 for a while to get my situational awareness up and further try to get better with missiles.
I’d say I need to get at least 2 kills per game before I’m ready for the big boys.

With the radar, just bind an easy button to use. I use ALT + Y which is easy enough for me, and SRC can’t be notched, but it goes for chaff easily, PD/PDV can be notched but not chaffed.

The radar of the F16 isn’t too bad, you don’t need to switch mode, just keep using pulse doppler and try to engage people that are flying to come against you and don’t launch at people too low or people already in notch position or that are going away from you.