NOT Looking for Squadron - Looking for squad-mates

I’ve no intention of leaving my current squadron, nor looking for a new one either.

I’m only searching for capable players to play with and form a squad chemistry. Play as a unit. While this is doable in a squadron, like-minded players looking to play cooperatively outside of researching squadron vehicles or participating in squadron battles (which I’m not interested in) are hard to come by - after playing 18 months.

If interested, hit me up please. My playtime is 16:00 to 21:00 GMT. I have discord account for comms.

Again, I don’t wanna leave my squadron, I’m only looking for squad (group of 3 players) to play with ‘cooperatively’.

I’ve done a quick search in the forums and haven’t found a similar topic, that’s why I’m this posting here. Could be the wrong place or topic, I’m fairly new to the forums - do enlighten me. Thanks