Not being able to swap shells without firing your cannon in ground battles

i just noticed when i went to play ground battles that ii wasn’t able to swap shells when a round was in the chamber and there was no other way to reload without firing the cannon and reloading a new shell of the right type is anyone else experiencing this or is it just me

That’s an intended game mechanic, not a bug

That is not a bug, you need to get rid of the current shell in the breech to load another one, just like in real life

In Real Life you manually open the breach and remove the round.
This is not a trivial task, but it is possible.

In Game this could be an extra load cycle…

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That would be an excellent suggestion to present.

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Under combat conditions? No. You just fire it.

Even live fire on a range that’s not a thing you do unless you absolutely have to (like the gun is completely out of service and the repair vehicle is on site). And you wouldn’t use that specific round again anyway, it would be too damaged by the withdrawal to be trustworthy. Just do what real tankers do and fire it and think about what you’re going to load next.

Trying to remember my many decades ago gunner drills, there are misfire drills where you go through firing steps, then wait a specified amount of time before removing the shell from the breach.

But in game, it’s just as easy to fire the current round, and select another round.

I mean it makes perfect sense.

You can not just switch ammunition that is already in chamber and not every tank can do it.
Plus if they implemented it, you would have to wait for it. Gunner needs to take round, put it somewhere and take another one and load it again.

Which will probably be longer than just shooting it somewhere

We really need to differentiate RL and Game.

In RL every tank has the means to manually open the breach to remove defective rounds (damaged/misfire or anything like that). In RL at the shooting range you would call for a specialist with the necessary training while the rest of the crew evacuates the tank. In a RL combat situation you would manually open the breach, pry the darn round loose and then throw it out of the hatch. You would not reuse it.

In Game you could put a new load cycle in when changing the round and remove an additional round from first ammo storage to simulate the loss of the non-reusable round.

You would need that kind of mechanic if you set up your primary round incorrectly (after you unlocked a new round) or if you are in a good position, have a kinetic round loaded and need to change to a HE round.

I always wanted the game to let you keep the breech empty and load a shell when you instruct it to load