Not being able to leave games without using my backups

currently i cant leave battles without using all my backups. because of the update where they made them able to be used in a match. which is good until i don’t want to waste them. if i do decide not to use them it lowers my activity or i get kicked from the game for being afk. is there i way i can remove this feature or leave without lowering my rewards or having to wait for my vechiles

You can always just leave to hangar when you only have backup lives left. It won’t lower your activity. It’s a badly designed U/I that encourages you to burn backups and doesn’t give you a clear way not to do it, but it can’t stop you from leaving the game. Just hit the escape key from the lobby.


Press escape to open the menu and quit. It’s dumb that you can’t select this from the respawn page.

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Just to expand on the previous answers, if you’re in the vehicle and hit escape and quit then the vehicle you’re in will be destroyed. So only do it from the “choose your vehicle” screen after you’ve been destroyed.

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yes ive been doing that but after all my stuff where destroyed and i had to use the backups and i left i had to wait for my planes

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