Not all of the premiums show in the tech tree

Im missing a bunch of tech tree premiums wich my friends can easely see😅
I dont know if this is a bug?

No it aint event vehiecles im litteraly fuxking missing like 4 regular premiums, the a 10, a20 tigershark

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And what is your point? Im missing every pack vehiecle in the game i can not see a single pack in game, my friend sees it but not me

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Ive got my xbox accont connected to my pc😅

They are hidden cuz transfer acc can’t see store pack or marketplace vehicles


Okay ty the other guy was of no use😭

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Other than the time they wasted trying to help your rude ass…


That’s a lot of GE. Wanna hook me up 😏

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They did absolutely nothing to help.


If your account is registered on Xbox or PS, but you are playing the game on PC you will not be able to see the packs. You won’t be able to see any event vehicles at all, if playing directly on Xbox or PS or playing on PC with a registered account for Xbox or PS. As for GE vehicles you should be able to see all of those. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any more questions! :)

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Thanks man🩷

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You’re right. The OP did nothing to help answer his question.

His words:

The grandiose “help” that he received:

He very obviously didn’t register the fact that no premiums whatsoever were appearing, and didn’t compute the fact that Arcade even gave a list of premiums that should show up.

Instead, he blabbered on about random exclusive vehicles that clearly have nothing to do with the response given.

But by all means, keep being contrarian. That definitely went well for you last time…

Xbox or PS Account on PC. Open it on your Console and you See the Premiums

I guess you didn’t actually think about my post did you. Try reading it again.

The OP did everything to help his question?

Did I not answer it clearly enough for you? If it helps, I can try translating it to a language you’re better with.

Are. You. Having. a no reading comprehension day? Sorry 'bout that.

(Edited for your disability)

Why are you asking?

I got your question Right and you got the Right answer. I think you are a bit Slow. Just Login on your Console you See the buyable Packs. The Marketplace vehicles still are missing…