Norwegian voicelines are still an absolute travesty

I’m unsure if my offer to help proofread the Norwegian voicelines was ever even considered at all, but I assume not. There are still blatant errors/oversights here that surely will annoy most Norwegians to hear.

Starting with the basics: none of the ammunition prompts make any sense except the one for smoke.

  • “Load AP(FSDS)” is read phonetically as “lad A-P-F-S-D-S” when it should be “lad pil”, “lad pansergranat”, or “lad pilammunisjon”.
    As neither the K9NO or Leo 1A5NO have AP/APCR/APDS/APC/APCBC I’m unsure what these lines are (if recorded).
  • “Load HEAT” is read phonetically as “lad H-E-A-T” when it should be “lad hulladningsgranat” or “lad panserspreng”.
  • “Load HE” is read phonetically as “lad H-E” when it should SO INCREDIBLY CLEARLY! be “lad sprenggranat” or just “lad spreng”.
  • “Load HESH” is read as “lad squash-hode” when it should be “lad sprengpansergranat” or just “lad sprengpanser”.

The callouts for vehicles also make little sense, tank destroyers are called out as “tank, MBT”, and light vehicles are called air defence vehicles - same error as in current Swedish voicelines.
Tanks are called out as “stridsvogn, MBT” which means “tank, MBT”.

The prefix should be “kjøretøy” - “vehicle” - followed by type. For example “kjøretøy, stridsvogn”. Not “stridsvogn, MBT”…

To me it seems obvious these voicelines were hardly proofread, and if they were, they were proofread by someone with little to no subject knowledge.

Makes me sad to hear my own language butchered by sloppy work.


For “Load HE” it can also be said “lad høyeksplosiv”.
Now this may just be the infantry in me, but for armoured vehicles it could be simplified to “fiendtlig panser”.