Norwegian-Swedish union flag

Norwegian-Swedish union flag

1844 - 1898

The union mark was a field on the flag with a combination of the Norwegian and Swedish national colors in Norway’s commercial and naval flags, it was introduced in 1844 to meet the Norwegian demands for equality in the union between Norway and Sweden.

“the herring salad”
The union mark was popularly called the Herring Salad among the population. the reason why it was cold is because the herring salad is divided in approximately the same pattern and with strong colors

The union mark formed the square upper, inner field of Norway’s commercial and naval flag. In the Swedish flag, the corresponding field was elongated, and the mark was given the proportions 5:4. With this form, the flag was also used as a joust on both countries’ naval vessels and as a joint Swedish-Norwegian union flag for the foreign stations.

This could be a interesting and historical decal to have in game, to decorate the vehicles. this flag is still used in Norway under special occasions, and it is even still sold, so if you want one, you can buy this flag! if we in the future, hopefully recieve some Norwegian vessels, the elder ones will have this flag



unionsmerket – Store norske leksikon
Unionsflagg Norge - bordflagg


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