Norwegian Popeye Emblem (From KNM Bergen)


I would like to suggest a new Norwegian decal i found, wich was used on the KNM Bergen (Ex british HMS Cromwell C-class). It is a painting/emblem of Popeye sitting on two grenades

This emblem is located on one of the 4.5" cannons in the front, its the foremost cannon you see on the ship, when this emblem was painted is uncertain.

KNM Bergen was built in Great Britain and launched the 6. August 1945, the vessel was originally named HMS Cromwell, but was only a couple months afterwards transferred to the royal Norwegian navy (KNM) and named KNM Bergen with the oennant number D304. This vessel were in Norwegian service u til 1967

In pictures we see that each of the 4x 4.5" cannons has emblems painted on both sides of the cannon shields, ubfortunately there are nk close op oictures of these that i have managed to find yet

KNM Bergen D304 Destroyer

If you look at the picture you will be able to see this Popeye emblem on the cannon shield of the foremost cannon!


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