Norwegian Model 204 - Mortar carrier


TYPE: Mortar carrier


  • 1x Norwegian Model 95 81mm Mortar launcher
    -Ammunition capasity: 111 rounds
    -Traverse : 6400 miles manual
    -Elevation: +1500 mils to +700 mils manual
    -Mount: Passenger compartment

  • 1x 12.7x99 Browning M2 HMG machinegun
    -Ammunition capasity: 600 rounds
    -Traverse: 360° manual
    -Mount: Flexible on cupola mount
    -Each magazine/crate holds: 100 cartrigdes



NM123 HE 81mm
-HE: High explosive
-NM123: Norwegian Model 123

NM150 81mm
-Illuminating round
-NM150: Norwegian Model 150



-Ammunition mixture 50/50:
Norwegian Model 140 multi purpose ammunition
–Bullet weight: 44 Gram
–Muzzle velocity: 903 M/S
–Armor penetration: 10.6mm at 100 Meter
-Norwegian Model 160 multi purpose Tracer ammunition
–Bullet weight: 43 Gram
–Muzzle velocity: 903 M/S
–Armor penetration: 22mm at 100 Meter
–Tracer: Visible 50-200m (day) 1500m (night)

Eigne: Detroit diesel 6V-53
Power: 212 Horsepowers
Length: 4.86 Meter
Width: 2.69 Meter
Weight: 11.7 Metric tons
Top speed: 64 km/h

Max trench: 170 centimetres
Max grade slope: 60%
Max side slope: 30%
Max vertical obstacle: 61 centimetres
Min turning radius: 3.90 Meters
Max fording depth: Floats
Driving range: ~480km roads

Upper front: 38 Millimeters at 45°
Lower front: 38 Millimeters at 30°
Upper sides: 44.5 Millimeters at 0°
Lower sides: 31.8 Millimeters at 0°
Rear: 38 Millimeters at 9°
Ramp: 38 Millimeters at 8°
Top: 38 millimeters at 90°
Floor: 28.58 Millimeters at 90°

-NM95 81mm Mortar launcher
-Upgraded M125A2 Hull

The M125A1 was based on the improved M113A1 and shared some similar specifications as the M106 with the 107mm mortar. This is an M113 that has mounted an 81 millimeter mortar launcher inside the carriage itself. In 1964 came the diesel version of the wagon, called M125A1 and around 1980 the M125A2 came with improved suspension system and improved cooling system. These vans differ from the M113 in that they have a very large 3-part hatch on the rear part of the roof of the carriage.

In 1982-1983, 12 new M125A2s were acquired. The vehicles were purchased without the American bombers, because the Norwegian defense wanted to use their own, which was the standard NM95 bomber. Necessary parts for assembly of our bomb launcher were produced and assembled in Norway. The wagons were used by the infantry, after the creation of the Armored Battalions, the wagons were included in these. As a result, this was developed as a modified bomb launcher vehicle, named NM204.

Their further fate is not known, but they have been used until quite recently, when we got the CV90 wagons that were made for this. There is a small possibility that they are still in use or have been used for other roles

So far there are no mortar carriers in game, but hopefully one day we would get them. It will probably be difficult to achieve something with the aim and that, but it is quite possible I think. In the game it could be a cheap wagon to spawn in, with 50 rounds per minute and an ammunition capacity of 111x 81 millimeter grenades, it should be a fun wagon to use.

An 81mm grenade like this won’t be able to do much damage, but might knock out some spaa or lightly armored ivf’s. It has acess to smoke grenades, wich would be very handy, as you can communicate with your teammates or your squadron, about where they want smoke and much else. It can also be fun in night battles, as we have access to light grenades, which last about 50 seconds, and probably light up quite a bit, to help the team.

One could for example take good cover behind rocks or other terrain, and shoot from there, would be hard for the enemy to find and kill but I think there is good judgment from the use of the 81mm


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Tankograd Publishing
The book given out by the Norwegian Defence Museum
“Motoriserte militærkjøretøy I norge 1905-2005”
81mm SPM M125


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