Norwegian Model 135

Norwegian Model 135

TYPE: armored personnel carrier/spaa


  • 1x 20mm Rheinmetall RH202 cannon
    -Ammunition capasity: 505 rounds
    -Caliber: 20x139mm
    -Action: Gas unlocked blowback
    -Rate of fire: 880 to 1,030 rpm
    -Muzzle velocity: 1,044 m/s with HEI
    -1,100: m/s with AP
    -Effective range aginst high flying aircraft 1,600m
    -Effective range aginst ground targets 2,500m
    -Barrel lenght 2002mm
    -Controlled and fired by the gunner
    -Weight: 83kg
    -Elevation: 6 degrees

  • 1x 7.62x51mm coaxial MG3 Mounted on top of the tower
    -Ammunition capasity: 750 rounds
    -Caliber: 7.62x51mm
    -Controlled and fired by the gunner
    -Ammunition muxture: NM60 Full metal jacket + NM62 Full metal jacket tracer

  • 1x 71mm Lyran Mortar/flare
    -Ammunition capasity: 10
    -Caliber: 71mm
    -Mortar flare shell length: 340 mm
    -Illumination area: over 600 m (within 5 lux)
    -Burning time: 30 seconds
    -Controlled and fired by the wagon commander
    -Smoke grenades
    -High explosive grenades

  • 6x 76mm Smoke grenade launchers
    -3x on each side of the turret

Mass: 11.7 tons (unloaded)
Length: 5.26 m
Width: 2.82 m
Height: 1.83 m (hull top)
Crew: 3+8 troops
Armor: Aluminium hull
Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V53
Power: 212 hp
Transmission: Allison TX-100-1
Suspension: Torsion bar
Ground clearance: 42 cm
Fuel capacity: 360L

Operational range: 480 km
Maximum speed
On road: 64 km/h,
Off-road 40 km/h
Swimming 5.5 km/h

Upper front: 38mm at 45 degrees
Lower front: 38mm at 30 degrees
Upper sides: 44mm
Lower sides 32mm
Rear: 44mm at 9 degrees
Ramp: 44mm at 8 degrees
Top: 38mm at 8 degrees
Floor: 32mm at 90 degrees

Around the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s, the Norwegian Army’s Supply Command (HFK) and Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk entered into a development collaboration with Svense Hagglunds Vehicle for the delivery of NM135 Storm armored vehicles. they then had American M113A1 carriages which were fitted with a turret from Hagglunds and weapons from Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk. They also acquired 39 extra M113 carriages from the USA for this purpose. a total of 53 such wagons were finally delivered in 1981

The main reinforcement on this carriage was a non-stabilized Rheinmetall Mk.20 RH-202 in caliber 20mm, the turret with the cannon was located in the right front corner of the carriage. The ammunition it uses is 20x139mm and the gun has a rate of fire of up to 900 rounds per minute. with this turret a coaxial Rheinmetall MG3 7.62x51mm NATO was also mounted above the 20mm cannon. this had a rate of fire of 1000 to 1300 rounds per minute.

behind the tower there was a 71mm LYRAN bomb launcher for launching light grenades, this also had the option of firing both smoke grenades and explosive grenades. regarding the smoke ejectors, 6 pieces were installed.

This turret was operated manually and had to be operated by hand, there was a rotary lever for elevation correction and a lever for lateral correction, if the gunner needed extra fast correction, he could engage an exchange gear using a foot pedal.

the weapon’s mechanism was electromechanical, and the firing control was on the elevation lever with two spring-loaded buttons for each weapon. if you were to be unlucky and experience a fault with the power supply in the carriage, the shooter would still have the option of firing the cannon with the help of a mechanical trigger placed on the floor of the carriage which you used your foot on “foot trigger”.

sniper scope provided 15x magnification with no thermal or night capability. the control panel for using the smoke grenades was mounted on the wall in front of the gunner, while the switch for the LYRAN bomb launcher was mounted at the tank commander’s place.

This is another Norwegian tank, it is based on the proven M 113A1, but has been modified for the Norwegian defense by Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk by mounting a turret with a rapid-firing 20 mm cannon on the right side at the front of the tank.

The background for this modification was a desire to give the Stormes kadrones greater firepower, this solution was in principle similar to the one chosen by Switzerland to upgrade the carriages, but with a different type of cannon.

The solution was developed at the end of the 1970s and was not entirely successful. The towers were very narrow and there were a number of problems with the weapon system. After the wagons were modified, including the ammunition supply in the 1990s, this improved.

The first wagons entered service in 1981 and were, together with the M113, the standard wagon at the grand squadrons until the CV9030N came with full weight from 1998.

Most of the wagons were phased out around the year 2000, some should still be partially in service for some more years

stormpansevogn = armored personnel carrier


  • NM75 F2 MP-T SD
    -Caliber: 20x139mm
    -MP-T SD - Multipurpose ammunition with tracer and self-destruct device
    -(NM) Meaning: Norwegian Model
    -Muzzle velocity: 1,045 m/s
    -Tracer/self-destruction: Min. 3.7 s, max 5.3 s
    -Max. dispersion: < 0.2 m x 0.6745 fired at 200 m
    -Fragments: 6 to 40 fragments penetrating
    -Armor penetration: 19 mm thick chipboard plate
    -Service temperature -40°C to +50°C



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There it is! Would be cool to see the mortar flares being functional for night battles

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I put together some clips of the NM135 in use :)
Unfortunately the clips are not great quality, it’s filmed around the late 1990’s early 2000. Never tought there would be any video of the NM135 but there was

Yep, it would be nice to see, could be handy in many cases. Maybe implement illuminating shells as well hehe


I added a shell made in Norway for this cannon/vehicle (NM75F2)