Norwegian emblem (From HNoMS Potentilla)


I would like to suggest a new historical emblem. This is a emblem with the Norwegian lion destroying a German submarine. The emblem is painted on the armored shield belonging to the 102mm cannon of HNoMS Potentilla during World War 2 while in Norwegian service.

This emblem is tied to a real history! In 1942, the same year as the HNoMS Potentilla was transferred to the Royal Norwegian Navy, they attacked and sunk the German submarine U184 in the North Atlantic the 20th of November. When the picture is taken is uncertain, but there is a chanse that it is taken in liverpool later in 1942

This could be a nice Historical emblem to decorate vessels with, mabye other vehicles as vell

This is what the Norwegian lion looks like. used on the coat of arms and the king’s flag


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