Norwegian airplane sticker "Bamse"

Norwegian airplane sticker “Bamse”

here are the decals/cartoons wich were painted. in the sources you can find a booklet wich should show almost all of them in use.

the text under the “BW/C” “cappy” translates to this: “correct color of the hat brim is unknown”

each plane had their cartoon painted in the front of the plane, as showed in the pictrue above
in this pictrue we see BW-A “Anton”

In the beginning, the planes had the text “The Royal Norwegian Air Force” painted on both sides of the fuselage. This was later changed to “Air Force” when the armed forces changed its name in 1957. . These letters had dimensions: Height: 250 mm, Width: 155 mm, Thickness: 45 mm and distance between the letters: 80 mm.

At an unknown time, each plane had a cartoon character painted on the front part of the nose. Left side The cartoon character corresponded to individual letter for each plane: “Anton” (BW-A), “Bamse” (B), “Cappy” (C), “Donald” (D), “Elmar” (E), “Finbeck” (F), “Goffy” (G) and “Hiawata” (H)



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