Northrop F-20A Tigershark - Germans Abroad

-1 absolutely not, this thing has NO business being in the German tech tree


Not a huge fan of evaluation vehicles, but I’d be down for this. Anything to delay Gaijin killing the game with AMRAAMs, R-77s, and PL-12s, to give time for other vehicles to be added at top tier and the top BR to increase to at least 13.3 (assuming no decompression).

-1, im sorry but if we go down the route of “x nation considered y plane” then you might as well just use a tech tree system like Ace Combat rather than having individual nations.

Should only come to US and nations who had Proper trials (e.g purchasing an airframe for trials)


Could work as a stopgap in case Germany never gets an F-16 (Dutch/Dane) or an F-18 (Swiss).

Why would they even get those vehicles, they have nothing to do with Germany, the Hunter is already far too much BS

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Flushing out the tree. Germany didn’t have any real 4th generation fighters in the late stages of the Cold War, instead relying on other NATO partners to cover the air superiority and interception roles. The F-4F ICE, while capable of launching AMRAAMS, is still a 3rd generation airframe; heavy and underpowered compared to its counterparts. The last Soviet fighter that the DDR got was the MiG-29, of which we already have both versions, so not much can be added after that. If the tree remained German only, there’d be huge leap between the Eurofighter and the F-4F ICE, and that’s assuming that the latter will be added.

Don’t forget that Gaijin said that they want to add ARH missiles to all nations at the same time for balancing purposes, and the ICE just won’t cut it in the top tier meta. The best option is to add other countries’ planes.


The best option is to add the ICE and add nothing else, it isn’t the US’s problem they didn’t buy/build more planes and it sure as hell shouldn’t be given a TRIALED US PLANE for that reason.

Besides, the TRIALED F-20 wouldn’t even have AMRAAMs.

the F-20 Tigershark should go to the US Techtree and maybe the germany techtree, but either way the us should get it.

Yes but only if added to the US tree too!


And from what I’ve heard, The F-20 was originally developed by Northrop to sell to Taiwan. But as Taiwan made progress in the Indigenous Defence Fighter program which later became F-CK-1, Taiwan lost interest in the aircraft and Northrop needs to find other potential buyers. That’s why the F-20 prototype has been seen test flew by many countries but the design was completely for ROCAF doctrine so not picking up many interest.

I don’t think this aircraft has a place in War Thunder as of now but if it ever made into the game it should be in the ROC sub-tree just before the F-16A MLU, to the air force it was originally developed for.

honestly with the level germany interacted with this plane, literally every other tree in game has an on par or better claim to it, like the Chinese and isreal due to both adopting the radar out of it.


dont forget the us trade embargo on exports of front line tools to everyone but nato and egypt/israel

So should Germany get the F-18 because they adopted the radar in the F-4F ICE? What kind of logic is that?

No, they looked at the aircraft for possible export, before settling on only aquiring the radar system for their own respective local designs, its a bit more then they just bourght the radar, i just simplifed the story for brevity

If you have come here to start arguments again then I kindly ask you to move on. You have already made your position on this suggestion clear.

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it does seem like a stretch to add something they never incorporated into their own air force aside from flight testing, but i would love to see alternates for the german tech tree. something about the fact that germany only uses the F4F ICE until they got the typhoon saddens me, but that’s just cope.

seeing has how they already made a stretch with the swiss hunter, it could be possible, but i wouldn’t bet any money that this’ll be in anything other than the american tree.

I honestly am more inclined to vehicles that were actually evaluated by Germany over vehicles used by other nations. The Swiss Hunter has absolutely 0 correlations to Germany, while the F-20A was at least marketed to Germany with the intent of selling it to them, which in my mind makes it infinitely more connected to Germany than a Swiss Hunter or an Argentine SK-105.

At least the F-20 was flown with German markings and evaluated, same with the F-15B and F/A-18B.


you’re right. i think the only reason people suggest argentine vehicles for germany is because of the designers who built them, which seems like a stretch in itself, same for some indian designs.

it just seems like just being evaluated isn’t enough to bring attention to adding it, but i’m willing to see anything added to the german air tree now that i’m bored.

-1 I apologize but I don’t agree with marketing vehicles.

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