North Holland: A New Location for Ground Battles!

Did you know we have different types tanks in the game, right??? and certian types of the “tanks” are made for exclusive tasks??
And thanks to the spam of city maps and the removal of sniping areas a lot of tanks are close to unplayable. Germans tankdestroyers or certains UK tanks designed for fight at long range are dead and buried.
Is like remove sniper rifles in a shooter game just becuase most of the players prefer submachines guns.
Is a complete nosense what Gaijin is doing.


OTOH, There is plenty of historical evidence that vehicles designed for long range fighting were used in urban environments and other close terrain.
Cities are often strategic locations that must be secured to advance or defend. Cities make ideal defensive positions, esp. if the defenders are out numbered and don’t have control of the air.
No one makes you take a “sniper rifle” into a game.

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Look what happend to the germans when used the jagdpanzer 4 instead of the Panzers in city fight vs US tankdestoyers.

City fights only benefit a certian type of vehicles.
Are you played something hight than 3.7??? becuase i check your stats and your most played tank is the su-76 so looks like you dont have a idea what happening avobe rank 2 right now.

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if you had those reasons, you would list them.

They never do that without infantry support though to gather intel and keep flanks secure.


Well, if War Thunder ever gets AI infantry, I’ll support intel to tankers.

And COD players (humans) are the same size and speed as MBT’s i guess?

Formula 1 track is also a lot bigger than tracks you run on for some weird reason.
Still the fastest 600m lap is about 1:13 and the fastest F1 lap is 1:05.

You can’t compare WT and COD map sizes directly to each other and not take into consideration how fast and big the players are.

Any normal dude would understand that.


It won’t though, due to the rating. That is what enlisted is for. War Thunder is only about vehicles vs vehicles and cities with lots of blind corners just are no place for any of them…realistically speaking. For more fast paced action, which is the #1 goal of this game, they are perfect though.

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That map gave me ODL !!

I hope I never see it at 7BR or below.

At least we can faithfully recreate all those famous modern-day battles that took place in modern day Amsterdam. Do we blockade the city with tractors or something ?

Gaijin Devs just keep bringing it by the bucket load.

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Of all the more modern(ish) war zones and they went for a holiday spot.


Ha!!! prepare for enless spam of this map during the next months like Flanders right now.


Pigeons…definetaly pigeons


Something that is not present in War Thunder.

Dude that bird poop will eat right through your tank over time. It’s dangerous. What if they start nesting in the barrel?


They are obvious, aren’t they?

  • Tank as a weapon system, going into urban environment is giving up is giving up some of its main advantages: frontal armor and long range firepower
  • Less maneuvering space makes tanks even more vulnerable to mines or artillery
  • Tanks has limited observations arcs, which is less then ideal in environment when threat can come form any direction

And there are many other reason why contemporary MBTs are not suitable for urban environment. Main one is, that they were designed for completely different style of fighting, then peekaboo in city streets.

Generally urban areas are good for defense, structures can provide concealment/cover for defenders, who can setup ambush positions quite easily.
Assaulting urban environment is different matter, best course of action is to encircle enemy settlement, cut supply lines, weaken enemy by artillery or aerial bombardment and then assault with combined arms.

But I don’t think that there is a case where two mechanized forces would rush into urban environment skirmish.

Your turn…


Its an instant ban for me


I imagined a modern war-torn city for a modern tank battle might look more like this rather than the holiday destination Gaijin picked.


No it doesn’t?
The firepower gets better at short ranges.
And if you don’t push corners without first checking you won’t expose your side. It very much about changing up your tactics.

We don’t have mines in game.
Artillery takes so long to come in and you get so much forewarning that location is a non issue.

In game we don’t have limited observation arcs. Unless you play it bad threats can only come from front or back. At intersections you don’t stop, you drive through.

Everything that makes it bad to take a tank into a town or city IRL does not exist in game. I wasn’t questioning the IRL reasons, I questioned the reasons to not do it in game.

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Didn’t say it is from game perspective, I said it is generally bad idea to fight with tanks in urban areas.

But following still apply even in WT game environment:

  • Tanks with weak hull armor, because they were designed to fight from hull down positions, cannot hide their weak hull armor on a flat urban maps.
  • It is difficult to keep enemy in frontal arc, and tanks are quite vulnerable to flanking attacks
  • Optics (SIM) are not suitable for the short range engagements, and secondary sights used irl for such situations are not modeled in WT.
  • Compensation of the gun sight offset on a modern MBTs does not work on ranges >100m, this reduces firepower if you will.

Yeah it is in reality, but this is a game. I just wish a town for a tank battle looked war torn and not like it should have tourists and stag parties running around it.