Non russian jets of 12.3 + have the most unfun stock grinds. Probably even painful

This put, the rest of nations and USA got their shiny Eagle, but it starts with two pitiful aim9l’s while the russkies got R73s as stock pack. What is our beloved gastropod tryna do?

In my case I’ve gotten the f-15a and I’m severely disappointed. The radar is dogwater and so much worse than that of the f-16a block 15, the sparrows are worse than ever and it’s twin boom makes it excruciatingly annoying, it’s like going back to the f-4j.


Tell you what, bring the rest of the F15 down to make up for its ahistorically good flight performance, and you can get stock 9Ms. R73s also aren’t hard to dodge if you aren’t a clown.


Haha, try being the F-4EJ Kai… Hardbody Phantom airframe at 11.7 (So a flying brick that gets to see F-16, F-15, SU-27, Gripen, M4k) and getting 9Js stock, then maximum only being… AIM-9Ls… When in reality, it equipped AAM-3s.

If you have nothing constructive to add, don’t bother commenting at all.

it is a very constructive comment all he does is spam cope thread’s F-15 is one of the best jets at its br even stock lmao

To be completely fair, pitting stock aircraft with vastly inferior armaments vs spaded aircraft that are better in every way is one of my least favorite things in this game (same goes for tanks and ships).

It’s made even worse by the fact that some vehicles get their best missile/round/auxiliary armament off the bat, while others have to suffer to tier 4 of mods to grind it.

It’s a problem in general, not just for F-15, and it needs to be fixed… Which they tried with making HEAT-FS non-stock for top-tier ground vehicles now, while leaving it stock for most vehicles the rank under lol


except compared to other 12.3 jets F-15 should not be here even stock

I dunno, I’m looking forward to the F-15J’s stock grind a good bit less than I did the F-16AJ’s, considering what they can both face.

But once again, it’s a still a problem that one nation gets it’s best IRCCM missiles off the bat while another has to grind their arse off for them while slinging worse radar-guided missiles. 16vs16 means that dogfights are less common than a total mess where missile performance matters far more than airframe performance

prty sure france also starts with their best missiles that are going to be even better if Mig 23M report goes through

I did, I got 2 aces back to back matches.
EJ Kai is one of the easiest 11.7s to use.
AAM-3s would make it 12.3 after all.