[Noi] Fighting Falcons is looking to recruit people interested in Squadron Battles SQBS aka competitive play

Join [Noi] Fighting Falcons– Conquer the Skies and Ground in War Thunder!

Are you a skilled War Thunder player who loves both flying and ground battles? Look no further! NOI is actively recruiting versatile players worldwide, with a high demand for pilots and ground forces enthusiasts in our EU timeslot for squadron battles. We consistently secure a spot in the top 100 and want you to join us for exciting battles, strategic gameplay, and a supportive community that aims for victory!


Age: 18 and older
Language: Must speak English
Communication: Must have a microphone and Discord for effective teamwork
Vehicle: Bring your rank 5+ arsenal to dominate in the skies and on the ground
Ambition: Must have the desire to be part of a competitive squadron

Why Join [Noi] Fighting Falcons?

🌐 Top 100 Squadron Battles: Join us in achieving excellence among the top 100 squadrons in intense battles.

🔧 Skilled Members: Learn and grow with experienced players who excel in both air and ground tactics.

🚗 Grinding Support: Our members are dedicated to helping each other progress in the War Thunder battlefield.

Ready to elevate your War Thunder experience? become part of a dynamic squadron striving for victory! To apply, contact Chraitus on Discord or visit our squadron page in-game to apply. Please feel free to reach out on this post as well!

Victory awaits – let’s soar to new heights together! 🚁✈️🚀