NOFO seeking players to play squadron battles

We are mainly a Scandinavian squadron, but we will admit pleasant and mature english speaking candidates.

**You must log into our Discord channel to become a member, not in game! 〔NOFO〕Nordic Force

The requirements for joining NOFO has been set to the following:
Level 70
Working mic
*Age 15+
1 rank 6 plane or tank (not premiums)
Have Discord
Minimum 1000 squadron battle activitypoints at the end of the season
Experience from squad battles would be very nice, but there isn`t a requirement as long as you are active in squadron battles.

We are a squadron with a lot of friendly and chill members, age of the members is from 16 up to the 50s, and with people mostly from the nordic nations, the baltics but also from the rest of the world from Asia to America.
So a lot of diversity and generally chill bunch of people.

We do even run events like training, hide and seek, stream movies on discord or run costume battles where we just have fun.
We strive to be a open, non-toxic place where you can find new friends and good players to play with.


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