Nobody wants to fix a problem

The problem or bug im speaking of here is that in polish tanks the driver is telling things like “Target destroyed”, which in doesnt make mucho sens, at least I think so. So, as I first discovered this, I made a simple bug report on it. Which answer did I get? “This is not a bug”. After that I made one, wich was much longer and explained why in my believe it is a bug (like, I am quite sure thats not intended), with no anwer at all. Then I came to the forum here and explained my peoblem. Here a mod told me that I could try using Suggestions even if that did not make too much sens to me. I did what I got told with naturally nothing happening.
So do I not understand what a bug is?
Is it intended?
If no then what can I do that it gets fixed?
Thanks in advance
(sorry for mistakes in english)

It will probably continue to be like this, it will not get better.
I requested support 3-4 times about the timing of the voice-overs, but they were closed without a response.

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Very dumb question…if you use a Polish tank, the driver speaks polish? (I assumed the crew would speak the language from the TECH TREE) I don’t even recall a polish tank TBH…i assume there is one on Russian or Brit trees…

And a better question…you sure it is the driver saying “Target Destroyed”…cant be the gunner? When does the driver says that? I am assuming that the voice from driver and gunner may be the same, no?

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The premium Sherman Firefly is Polish.

I dont have it…does the crew speak polish when you use it?

Yes. = )

So…didn’t get the exact issue.

IF there are errors on the lines being played, then the solution is a bug report. Not sure why you are getting no answer.

HOWEVER…it should be clear what the error is…particularly on languages that are rarely used…as i assume it is just two vehicles that use them…and premium.

I am actually surprised that they took the time to create voices for a language so rarely used…

Found this which i assume originated from this post

TBH i am not sure what the exact issue is…as they may have used the same voice for all the lines. Not sure if timing is wrong, or if it is just the problem of being the same voice.
It is possible that being the same voice is NOT considered a bug…if they saved the same guy saying “Driver here” and “Target Destroyed” i assume it is intended…
But only support can answer…

bruh the driver speaks of course polish, why shouldnt he. No the driver is clearly a different voice (just go test drive Polish Sherman or Leopard 2PL)

And I wouldnt have a big problem, but the driver voice is generally annoying af