No/weird engine sounds since update

Since the update dropped few days ago im having problems with the engine noise. First i can’t hear my own engine sound, except im turning my camera 90 degrees to the left or right, or im in sniper mode. Second, i can’t hear the enemies or teammates engine sounds, except im directly looking at them. The moment i look away the sounds completely dissapears. This makes it literally unplayable since i also can’t tell where an enemy is coming from.

I reinstalled the game, reinstalled my sound drivers, reset the volume settings ingame, played with all different sound settings ingame, restarted the game and the pc but nothing really helped me.
Is there any fix to this or should i just wait and hope that the next update will fix it?

are u keeping ur sound mode to 7.1 or 5.1 surround mode? keep it in stereo and try