No "User Skins" folder present after downloading the game

Hey guys,

I need your help.
I have recently downloaded this game and wanted to download some skins.

I watched, like I think every one of you, some YouTube-Tutorials how to do that and there I saw that there must be a Folder, named “User Skins”: (Screenshot is attached !)

I have no Folder like that. I mean, I have a folder named War Thunder, but there are just files including the game itself in there. Can somebody tell me if he or she knows what I did wrong or if I missed something while downloading the game?

This folder is not created automatically, you have to create it yourself. Similarly for UserSights, for example.

Wait, you mean I must create in the “WarThunder” folder another folder named “UserSkins” and the game will automatically detect the folder as the folder that he needs for skins?

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Check here in the Wiki for more info on how exactly this works: Custom skins - War Thunder Wiki


im am having problems to. i make the template but it wont show up anywhere! bit of help?
also I have made the userskin file so yeah