No tanks mark in ground battle when I am in airplane mode

Please help because I am dumbfounded and losing the joy of the game. When I play arcade armored battles and I’m in plane mode for some time I can’t see tank markers on the ground. Sometimes I see them sometimes I don’t. I don’t switch anything in the settings. You can see it in the attached picture. On the minimap you can see that the vehicles are there but in free view mode I see nothing.

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Just read updates:

Now, kill enemy planes with your fighter.


Woow thanks!!! I am no stupid :)

Best change in a long time!

Now I can play open top vehicles again!


Nah, only fighters do not see marks any other plane does, and you can still use your eyes like everyone who plays the superior game mode called realistic

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With bombers it makes no difference if you are open top or not.

I can deal with an occasional fighter coming after me.
It is hard to survive when 3 new fighter come after you every 45 seconds.

So this, to me, is a great change.
Please reserve your comments for game modes you play.



I know the ground markers are gone for fighters but, according to the official announcement, they were supposed to remain for the attackers and bombers. I just fought a Ground Arcade battle where I got the option to use a fighter (I selected it) and I instead spawned an attacker. Okay, fine, I will attack ground targets BUT I CAN’T FIND ANY! There were no ground markers and I had to resort to the good old Mark 1 eyeball to hunt which is why military vehicles are camouflaged. I also want to take the opportunity to make 2 other observations.

  1. The change was allegedly created to encourage (compel) fighters to defend bombers rather than hunt ground targets. Okay, good idea. But the spawn for fighters is so far away from the bomber that no defense of the bomber is possible. All we can do is shoot down the interceptor that just destroyed our bomber.
  2. There are many times when one side spawns a bomber and 1, 2, or 3 fighters but the opposing side spawns nothing (in the air, anyway). So I finally get an opportunity to fly my fighter while risking my armored vehicle (because I’m flying, my armored vehicle is a sitting duck) but I have no targets to engage while escorting this bomber. There is no achievement except “safe and sound fighter.” I can’t even engage in defense suppression to defend my friendly bomber which was supposed to be the purpose? I can and have engaged the Mark 1 eyeball to attempt to find targets but that is exceedingly slow and difficult.

I’m not saying the idea is wrong but this needs further revision. Attackers should still be able to see their ground targets or else, what is the point of their existence? If I select fighter, especially as the only option, I should get a fighter, not an attacker. Fighters should spawn where defending the bomber is at least possible. If there are no opposing air, there should be some targets for my aircraft to be gainfully employed.