No score for inactivity

In the Naval mode if a player caps a zone or even all three but doesn’t score any damaging hits on an enemy vessel or aircraft no points are awarded, even if in a torpedo boat the player has launched multiple torpedoes at the enemy. This doesn’t seem to be fair to a player that may have capped a zone for his/her team and no other zones have been capped which of course leads to a win. Can someone explain the logic in this?


I’ve never seen that happen. Points are awarded for caps in all modes. Can you post a replay?

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I’m an old guy and not very tech savvy, tell me how to post the replay please.

Don’t worry, I’m an “old” too. You can search for it here.
If you find it, you can post the link. It’s easiest to filter by game mode and unit type, and then search by username.

Just reviewed a replay, but it doesn’t show the no points awarded message. I’ll have to take a screen shot of the message the next time I get one and try to post that and the replay so you can see what I received.

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I’ve seen it a couple times. You get the onscreen message listing RP/SL rewards when the cap(s) complete, then you win because no one else thought to bring a coastal or even try to cap a point. Finally, despite having possibly won the game single-handed, your score, including activity, is a whole bunch of zeros, and Gaijin steal back all those RP/SL they had said you earned, calling you a bad inactive player or something. Yea, the people who never play - even to test - the game call you ‘inactive.’


Very interesting. It looks like you indeed got RP and SL for capping and that didn’t count at the end of the game. Have you submitted a bug report?

As stated earlier I’m tech ignorant, I haven’t been able to figure out how to put in a bug report since I started playing WT, lol

It’s not a bug it’s a feature. You have to cause at least 1 damage in naval or you get zero score/SL/RP. Anti-botting measure (that doesn’t work).


That’s ironic given the bots are the ones doing all the damage and never capping.

If it’s an anti-botting feature why doesn’t it appear in ground?

Because ground RB isn’t 70% botted currently.

It was put in as a mechanic in the Apex Predators update in December 2022: War Thunder "Apex Predators" - Changelog - Updates - Game - War Thunder (read down to “Game Mechanics”)

Up to that point naval bots had relied mostly on the built-in AI aiming by putting the primary guns on AI control. This change nerfed them a bit, temporarily making it practically impossible to bot except with certain premium ships (Moffetts, etc) with high SL multipliers. This lasted until March 2023 when the current aimbot scripts took over.

It’s not necessary anymore, as it became entirely redundant when they added the change to disable AI control of primary aiming (which also doesn’t work, but only because of the current lack of enforcement). They really should reverse it now.

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I don’t think they do much enforcement. I report every bot every match. Some of them I’ve reported dozens of times over a time period of weeks to months. They still exist. These aren’t even fringe cases. These are all bot squadrons with records like 6000+ games played in a short period of time with 5000+ deaths and a few hundred kills.

Automatic play, counting both purchased bot scripts and Gaijin AI bots, makes up more than half than the player base in RB: human players have been the decided minority for over a year now. Pretty soon they’ll be reporting us, I imagine.


That pretty much sums up naval at the moment. I can name, from memory, nearly every bot I’m going to see in a given day.

Just RB. AB’s still a pretty good mode. RP/SL/event multipliers are lower, more planes and torps make it less efficient for botting. Just treat RB as the PvE mode for naval like Air Assault or Ground Assault, do it for cheap score when you need to do a daily fast, and save your A game for actual humans in AB.

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You’d have got virtually nothing anyway … I just had a streak of 12 losses with 1 victory, and absolutely focused on and capped the points, capped 2, did some damage, was finally on a team that won … and was way down bottom of the score. Hardly felt worth it, in fact it feels like a kick between the legs. Meanwhile the people camping behind islands were sitting happy with the victory…

What with the new bonus changes, Gaijin as usual encourage camping and ignoring objectives. Great for naval bots I suppose.

LOL and next game after I posted that, 3 minutes in, once again the naval server crashes.
At least I hadn’t played a booster this time. Naval is a dumpster fire.
Edit: Next game server crashed again. Game finished early, 100% server crash. 2 in a row, fantastic!

Yeah but the difference between virtually nothing and nothing is vast, lol