No all-aspect IR missiles for USA before 12.0?

If consider the A-10/A6 result as fighter,… then you have one below everyone else.

Also 9L is far more superior missile than R60M or R60MK which is an Export R60M.

Every aircrafts lower in BR to use MAGIC-2 or 9L have terrible flight characteristics aswell.

US variants of F-5E or F-4E never recieved 9L/9P-4 and later, AFAIK.

In different countries than USA, not in USA.

Same problem than F-5C flares,…

The F-4E did.

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Didn’t knew,… anyway : 9L/9P4 means a change of BR too ^^"
So i don’t know what is the best.

Both Us F4’s and F5’s armed All-aspect missiles in their service time which includes Aim9-P4-5 and Aim-9L, you might want to check your source.

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You should probably recheck that.

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(Sad A-7K, A-10a early, and A-10a Late sounds)

Except the airframes are not the same.

Take Britain. The Sea Harrier FRS1e at 10.3 with 2x Aim-9Ls. Replace the 9Ls with 9Gs. Its now a 9.3 alongside the Harrier Gr3. Its sub-sonic and not the greatest turn fighter in the world. The Tornado F3 might be too low. But it would literally never ever use rear-aspect IR missiles. It doesnt have the flight performance to dogfight anything at its BR. If those were replaced with 9Gs, it would never use them. It would stick with the Skyflash 100% of the time. If it moved up, it would have to recieve Aim-9M.

In fact, every single listed aircraft is vastly inferior to the F-16A, The only aircraft in the game that can actually defeat the F-16A is the Gripen at 12.7 currenntly. and most of those aircraft listed would need a notable BR reduction if they lost all-aspect missiles.

So whilst maybe the US could get an 11.3 with all-aspect IR, it is entirely dependent on whether any of the airframes need all-aspect IR or if a suffeciently weak “fighter” exist to justify it. Adding Aim-9L on a high performing platform for the sake of “fairness” would just result in it moving up significantly in BR.

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I actually have no issue with the F-5C having flares. They just need to increase its engine temp significantly when on reheat and it will be a lot better

We need a total IR/Heat rework.

  • Literally every helo in the games gives off a 3rd of its IRL heat relative to heat seekers and IRSTs.

  • Literally every IR missile in the game has like half its IRL lock range (R27ET even worse because they didn’t simulate its funky seeker)

  • Many missiles are missing partial all-aspect capability

  • Velocity is irrelevant to aircraft heat when in reality skin temperature is what most IR missiles past like 1970 were designed to detect

Gaijin pls after yall break the game with ARHs fix the IRs too.


Engine exhaust doesnt even have temp I think. The game still looks only at engine temp. This is why the F5C sucks so much to fight. Its colder than almost everything (maybe actually everything) at its BR, even when on full reheat:


Screenshot 2024-02-07 034147

Harrier Gr1

Screenshot 2024-02-07 034010

This is why fighting them feels really bad. Simply model this one part, not too mention all the others you mentioned, and the entire IR vs IRCM dynamic changes dramatically. You would have to defend against a missile, not just drop a flare.

Missiles like 9Ls should be almost undefeatable by flares alone in rear-aspect, if the target is on reheat. In game, 1 flare is usually enough.

Aim-9M is like 1/5th, but yeah, a lot are missing lock ranges.

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Engine heat system is broken and wrong as well, the game thinks that because each F-5C engine has less thrust than a Sabre, F-5C has less heat signature than a saber. It is utter BS.

You can’t even lock on the F-5C in rear aspect until 2KM lol.

Just going to say, a competent F16 will have very little difficulty with Gripen, after Gaijin took to it with a hatchet.

And yea, British stuff is pretty much screwed the moment they remove all aspects from them. Planes are either poorly modeled, or put in situations they shouldn’t be in for their design, or both.

Gripen is still superior to the F-16 in the game in every relevant way in terms of BFM.

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Tell yourself whatever you need to.

We can try a 1v1 if that’ll convince you. I’ll use my Gripen, you can use your F-16

I did. What’s the problem?

And the US doesn’t have any GBU( if you don’t pay for A6E) under 12.0, what a joke, I think they should give F14A aim9L and F14B aim9m

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I am assuming you are talking about paveways because the US gets a fair number of GBUs under 12.0

Gaijin where is my 10.0-11.7 CAS options that aren’t the F4E or A7E?

Where is A-10C, AV8B, F111C, A6E SWIP, A4M, F4E (Late), etc?

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