Nimbus MC w/20mm MG

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Nimbus MC w/20mm MG


Short description

The vehicle which were deployed by Denmark, is a Nimbus Type C motorcycle where the sidecar mouting have a 20mm Madsen Anti-Tank autocannon mounted.

Development and Operational History

In 1906, the two danes, Peder Andersen Fisker & Hans Marius Nielsen created the company Fisker & Nielsen, which produced vacuum cleaners, and it later went on to become the company Nilfisk A/S.

However important for the story of this vehicle, is that during World War 1, the sale of vacuum cleaners were not great, and that is why Fisker chose to create a prototype of a motorcycle in 1918. However at the time the motorcycle didn’t have a name yet, and Fisker felt provoked by a notice about a race in a newspaper saying the following:

“You can also see fabricant Fisker with his homemade 4 cylinder”

This spured him to come up with a name that you would be able to pronounce in most languages and would also sound good in Danish. He came up with the name Nimbus.


In 1920 he came up with an improved version, which earned itself the nickname “Stovepipe” because of its construction. Then it and an improved version was produced between 1920 and 1926, where production was halted because a new turnover tax.

The son of Peder Andersen Fisker, then 18 year old Anders Fisker, got his own Nimbus motorcycle in 1926. He was a very passionate motorcyclist and was annoyed that his dad dropped the production of the motorcycle. In 1932 as a 24 year old he took his exam in engineering and the same year he was successful in convincing his dad to resume production of motorcycles with his own improved design. This design that father and son worked together on in the basement of the family villa would end up becoming the famous Nimbus Type-C, which got the nickname the Bumblebee for its exhaus note.

Some of the biggest purchasers of the motorcycle was the Danish Post Office, Police and Army. As war loomed on the horizion, the Danish goverment chose to spend a lot of money to motorise the Danish Army, in that purchase were a lot of Type C motorcycles.

Two relevant modifications that were done to the motorcycle, were one one of them a 20mm Madsen M/1938 Anti tank gun were mounted where the sidecar would be were it could also carry 4 drums of 20mm ammunition each capable of holding 15 rounds. The other was a companion to the motorcycle, an ammuniton bike, which were able to carry an extra 180 rounds.

Operationally the two motorcycles would be part of the same team, and when they saw a good position or a target, they were supposed to dismount the motorcycle before firing, however it was possible to fire it on the motorcycle mounting.

The 20mm Madsen M/1938 were designed by Dansk Industri Syndikat (DISA), where it is an upscaled version of the Madsen machinegun that was popular during WW1. The cannon were used in multiple roles, including as an naval weapon, anti-air and anti tank cannon.

During 9th of April 1940, during the German Invasion of Denmark, the motorcycle saw its only action, and were operated at the border. The 20mm Madsen cannon were actually able to successfully take out 2 Panzer I and 11 armoured cars.

Motorcycle: Nimbus Type C + sidecar
Length: 2250mm
Width: 1650mm
Height: 1100mm
Crew: 2 (Driver + Gunner)
Power: 22hp @ 4500 RPM
Gearing: 1st gear: 1:11,9
2nd gear: 1:7,5
3rd gear: 1:5,12
Top Speed: 95 km/h
Weight with Sidecar: ~ 290kg
Armament: 20mm Madsen M/38
150-350 RPM
4 drums of each 15 rounds stored
Type Penetration of 30mm armored steel plate Explosive filler
Armor Piercing 500-600m -
Armor Piercing Tracer 400-500m -
Armor Piercing High Explosive 400-500m 3,5g Black Powder
High Explosive - 8,75g Tetryll
High Explosive Timed Fused - 8,75g Tetryll
German Chart of ammunition for 20mm Madsen Cannon


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This is number 1 on my vehicle wishlist so hell yes!

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Please, +1 to sweden. Lets unite Scandinavium


As a solo and sidecar motorcyclist, I was also very interested in motorbikes during the Great War, but this is the first time I’ve read about it. Fascinating.

But should this Nimbus be in the game? I don’t think so.

  1. it’s just a transport vehicle
  2. does anyone believe that they could programme the complicated driving physics of a sidecar motorbike so easily and convincingly?

I’d love to see infantry elements in the game, as well as towed artillery, but I don’t think Gaijin is even thinking about it.

Kradschützen vor!

I find it amusing, however while the He rounds are nice and would be the 2nd Best WW2 He rounds in game (after german 2 cm flak rounds such as the Sprgr. Erd (11g Pent) and the Shortened Tracer and no tracer Br.Sprgr. (HeI) rounds with 19 and 20g He incendary mixture.).

But AT potential is meh, the 160g 730m/s Ap round has all of 35mm/10m, the Ap-T only 31 and the Aphe (which i think is actually a Ap Self destruct (it sayes "ohne Zünder/without fuze), but that wont change much in game, tho it will explode upon impact) with mere 30mm penetration, on top of it beeing 3,5g Blackpowder which is 0,5x Tnta. So not that good, also considdering the next to no Aim fireing angles mounted on the bike.

It’s not “just a transport vehicle” though. Sure it wasn’t intended to be fired on the go, or even with the crew still seated on the vehicle. But as you can see in this picture the gun is very much fixed to the sidecar.

While I’m not generally a fan of vehicle that require the crew to dismount to use them this is in a bit of a grey zone as it is technically possible to use the gun without doing so, if somewhat inaccurately. We already have the 90/53 that can’t actually reload the gun without a dismounted crewmember so I don’t see this being added with the crew on the bike being too much of a stretch


April 9th?

For the threat that existed at the time, i.e. Germany ranked I in the game, this was completely sufficient.

Im not talking about history, but In game, which matters more here.

That’s why I mentioned Rank I!

You will allready struggle if a Pz III or anything with 25-30mm of armor will angle, no matter the nation. Shure if unangled you well go through and it will be a rewarding feeling, but not the greates none the less.

On the German side, we have vehicles with the KwK 38 L/55 in play, which can do just 2mm more. But I know, it’s all rubbish or what?

The KwK 38 is actually L/65 and got 830m/s with a 148g round so 40mm/10m, but aside that it also got Pzgr.40 with 50mm pen. So yes, yes it is better.
And germany is facing mostly thinner light tanks, such as T-26, BT tanks, italian tanks with 25mm armor, british 14mm and so on.

I’m referring to the stat cards (I know, all stock). Does the barrel get longer when you develop the vehicle?

BTW, at rank I there are dozens of vehicles with less than 20mm armour.

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No, its simply wrong in game, i allready made a report.


The 9th of April is the date when the Germans initiated Operation Weserübung, which was the German invasion of Denmark and Norway during WW2. The operation stated off with the invasion of Denmark, on the 9th of April.