Night air battles for top tier air realistic battles

I wanted to suggest the possibility of adding night battles for Air Realistic Battles. This feature could greatly enhance the gameplay like in top tier ground battles

Night battles would add a new layer of realism and immersion, reflecting actual combat scenarios where pilots often had to operate under the cover of darkness, Navigating and engaging in combat at night would require players to develop new skills and strategies, offering a fresh challenge even for experienced players,Introducing night battles would diversify the types of engagements players experience, Many aircraft are equipped with night vision for example the f-16c, Night battles would allow players to utilize these features more effectively, adding depth to the simulation.

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It’d be a good addition. But so would night battles at every BR if you opted into them, and they didn’t go with that.

I don’t think night battles would be very fun at BR’s where visual identification is the only means of seeking out targets. It would be an interesting place for niche night-fighters/interceptors to shine like the P-61 or Do-217 but that is such a tiny % of players that I don’t think it would gain much traction.

If the spotting system is the same when using NVD as during the day, +1