Next nation to grind


I am finishing up research on my last 7.7 french tank. I don’t think I will actively grind this nation anymore, might play the 8.3 tanks when I get to them but I am in no rush.

I am looking for another minor nation to grind. I don’t want to play USSR/US/Germany. I was thinking China because I know nothing about their vehicles, but for the same reasons also Japan.

I really enjoyed just about all of the french tanks, and I enjoyed the challenge playing them brought (brings, this 7.7 lineup is too much fun). I would say in my next nation I am looking for good/fun SPAA ( I don’t bring a plane), and maybe some cool IFVs (I LOVE the AMX-10P). I am not interested in high tier tanks (9.0+) so MBT potential isn’t as big of a focus for me. I would prefer the next nation I play also have a high skill ceiling.

What do y’all think would be fun for me?

If you’re looking for originality and challenge, try Sweden.
The only copy/paste are the Centurions and the Finnish branch.

I’d say Italy - fun mix of wheelybois and tanks. It does have a few copypasta’s but they’re either US or USSR vehicles. I would take that up to 9.0, you have a decent lineup there with the VCC-80/60 (quite rapid fire 60mm gun, scouting, quite fast), OF-40 Mk2A (kinda like a Leo but faster), SIDAM 25 SPAA (a beast, but no search radar), the VBC (PT2), wheeled IFV that is an absolute little troll machine, and if you want to splurge on premium vehicle there’s the OF-40 (MTCA) - same as the Mk2A but a little more mobile.

Skill ceiling wise, playing the VCC-80/60 and the VBC (PT2) well is a challenge because they’re squishy, and both can’t always outright one-shot an enemy so you need to hit the weakspots (80/60) or do fun things like shoot out barrels and tracks, then swoop in and go for the kill (PT2). The SIDAM is also a bit of a challenge because it has no search radar, so positioning and learning to listen for jet engine/heli sounds is a thing. Once you get a tracking lock though it generally shreds like crazy. With it’s APDS belt it can also defend itself (but very limited ammo). It’s not a Gepard, but…

Another tree that’d be interesting for sure is Sweden, they have a variety of utterly wacky vehicles, and not that many copypastas either. I haven’t gotten to Sweden yet but it’s on my list. Working on Japan right now which is proving to be… challenging as well :D

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China has a pretty good low and high tier lineup set, but suffers in mid-tier. Some copy-paste, mostly soviet early on and some usa and japan all around.

Sweden is a great nation, although i may be biased towards it as it is my main. Minimal copy-paste, and decent everywhere, with the best minor nation top tier.

Italy is a fun nation, though it is never meta defining. Some copy paste in the low and mid tiers, mostly US and German vehicles

Isreal is a pick i would definitely recommend due to its fast grind and good medium tanks. However, it is almost all C&P from the US and a bit from the UK.

In terms of nationa fitting your requirements, either sweden or china.
Sweden for originality, with fun and powerful tanks everywhere
China for spaa and a challenge

I would recommend sweden.
to keep it simple; it feels the sweeds only picked and purchased the best when ever they could.
you get very good vehicles most of the time and until 8.3 br your line up never really gets bad.
and dont worry… once you get past that its getting fun again!

How is their SPAA? IFVs? Are they hard to play? Seems like I’d be seal clubbing

my personal opinion (wich is subjective) Is:
SPAA until 8.7 Is really good… everything after is… meh at best. they dont suck… but they also just are no fun. with exception of the LVKV9040C wich is basically a IFV but with radar and proxy fuse what… you club helis with this thing…
the other IFVs are… also meh… the 40mm only does its job from the side, and is overall… so you will have to know where to aim with them…
but you get more leo2 then germany itself XD

overall i love the nation…
you get t34s you get t55
but also centurions, raketenwagen, and more…
i especially loved the cheese wedge

and when you look at avi. you always have to bring some way of funny planes

I would say Great Britain, since you are used to solid shot ammo from France and want a high skill ceiling gameplay. They also have solid and varied SPAAs right from the start.

Regarding light tanks/ifvs you won lottery with France, as they have best light tanks, so its not going to be as great in other nations.

I started US first and when I ventured into other nations, surprisingly I found GB the most enjoyable compared to other 1. ranks. Britains meh reputation is unjustified imo, they are very fun and unique to play imo.

Sweden is kinda meh at low ranks, because its mostly artillery (1.7), but it has 3rd rank at 2.7 already, so you can use it for missions very soon.

China is great if you want to taste various vehicles from US and Russia, instead of grinding each of them. It also has some unique versions of those vehicles.

Just start working them all?

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I am curious for which country did you decide:)

I picked China! The ZSU looked fun. They seem to have a unique mix. Their top tier looks interesting I may even dip into that


China is ok but just has cut n’paste vehicles, might as well play a main as do China.Italy is the most fun up to 6 BR.lots of laughs and good premiums if you are into that.

I’ll do Italy next


Once you get to 2 BR its good

Japan is fun. Unique vehicles, although the first reserve tanks are awful so you just have to tough it out until you get passed them. I used a 20mm SPAA to grind through my initial ones.

After that there are a lot of interesting vehicles to play, and with some decent SPAA at mid tier. SPH75, Type 60 SPRG, Ho-Ri Production etc.

TKX (P), Type 90, Type 90 (B) - 4 second autoloader. Love these things :D