Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion

If they want to they can add in the Swiss F-5 to Fr*nce and the Austrian F-5 to Germany. Like how they did with the Kürassier.

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It makes the most sense to me as they already have that Swiss Hunter, might as well make it a full return on investment.

NF-5 from the Dutch seems plausible.

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bruh where does it even talk about switzerland


Or perhaps a hint towards a Dutch sub tree to France hhhmmmmm.

It’s that F-5 got better turn rate than the regular F-5s ?

A Dutch subtree would provide France an option for a stealth fighter, so I can see this being possible.


If a Dutch subtree were to come i sure hope it’s with Belgium


Dont know how to feel about the F-5 on france but hey im down

It will be one of the better one I’ve been told

Funny enough I was also considering this possibility, since Belgium also has F-35s on order.

8 nations with F-35s, oh my.


C&P rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Yeah i really hope it’d be a Benelux subtree because where would Belgium go then? Germany? euuugh


@_ShadowFang Don’t forget the F-16 too : )

I still don’t get why it’s the Netherlands instead of Belgium or something, there are so many other countries that would make more sense as a subtree

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Who says it’s Dutch solely ? could be the hole Benelux region.

More vehicle pool that way.

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Hope its both then

Heck no. We already call one of their foods “French Fries”, so they should go to France by that logic alone.


But by this logic too Britain should be in France and the US too Britain and also Britain to Germany and Denmark eh ?

Why France didnt buy any F35?